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Transformational Decision-Making: Where Data, Decision Science, and Technology Meet

23 minute read |
January 27, 2021
Of the many stated priorities from DoD leaders over the past few decades, one in particular has simultaneously increased in both its importance and difficulty to...

Transitioning from UFR 1.0 to UFR 2.0: How to Modernize your UFR Process

10 minute read |
December 18, 2020
"The singular pain point in the process is really being able to line up true requirements in evaluating risks based on previously established goals or criterion." - Jason...

The Need to Balance Warfighting Assets, and Systems that Enable Them

6 minute read |
November 17, 2020
“To be successful, the U.S. Air Force must continue its future design work and accelerate the evolution and application of its operational concepts and force structure to...

Visual Planning

7 minute read |
November 10, 2020

3 Hidden Business Impacts of Static Strategic Resource Planning

4 minute read |
October 1, 2020
Project planning can be an exercise in futility. As soon as your best laid plans are mapped, a bump in the road steers you off course. Even the best project planners in...


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