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Section 11204 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Amber Larkins

December 20, 2021

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    What You Need to Know About Section 11204 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 

    The recently passed Infrastructure bill presents an unprecedented opportunity for states, counties, and localities to use federal funding to improve every part of their infrastructure. Hearing about the bill many planners are asking themselves “how can I make the best of this opportunity?”.  Luckily, the infrastructure bill has a plan to help. 

    What is Section 11204 and How Can it Help? 

    Section 11204 creates a $10 million per year fund for which State and Local planning organizations can apply to develop and implement publicly accessible, transparent prioritization processes to assess and score projects. 

    Decision-making is at the forefront of any planning process. By investing in improving your prioritization and decision-making with data-driven software you can make more efficient, effective decisions faster and make your dollars go further. 

    Is My Agency Eligible? 

    Provisions in the section state that eligible entities include MPOs that serve urbanized areas with populations larger than 200,000 in consultation with the state. It further states that in areas that serve fewer than 200,000 people, the state itself can apply in consultation with the MPOs it represents. 

    How Much Funding will I be Able to Apply for? 

    The maximum amount of a grant under the prioritization process pilot program is $2,000,000. 

    How Can Decision Lens Help? 

    We’ve helped Federal, State, and Local Agencies prioritize projects and improve their decisions for over 10 years, and we are uniquely positioned as prioritization software designed with DOTs and MPOs in mind. Our software allows you to: 

    • Move to Performance-Based Decision Making Quickly. Our software has had years of development work, meaning you can start understanding the impact-to-performance with every decision faster all while receiving recommendations along the way. 
    • Implement an efficient, repeatable planning process. Establish a transparent process that can be easily communicated to stakeholders and leadership. 
    • Assess the impact of tradeoffs. Quickly see the impacts of your scheduling decisions and compare scenarios. 
    • Comply with federal and state requirements. Transparent auditability and real-time reporting ensure ongoing compliance.  
    • Eliminate Bottlenecks. Automatically identify bottlenecks and constraints and receive recommendations on how to eliminate them. 

    Better Decisions Today for Tomorrow’s Performance  

    Incorporate your performance metrics in the decision-making process. 

    Summary Page Reporting  

    Clearly see the impacts of your programming options. 

    Audit Logs 

    Track projects through their life cycle and document schedule and budget changes. 

    Purpose Built Analytics  

    Make changes on the fly, during meetings, and see impacts in real-time. 

    Strategy Navigator  

    Decision Lens leverages artificial intelligence to provide suggestions on improving outputs. 

    "Bottleneck analysis used to take me days, but I can now complete it in minutes," Jason, Customer Transportation Department 

    The Result 

    • More efficient reporting. From TAMP to TIP to other mandated reporting, having all your data and decisions in one system makes report creation fast. 
    • Ongoing Budget Justification. Defend existing allocations to ensure the impact of budget cuts are well understood.  
    • Maintaining Compliance. Transparent auditability and real-time reporting ensure ongoing compliance.  
    • Improved Mid and Long-Range Planning. Effectively balance between focusing on the future while sustaining the needs of today.  

    Designed for DOTs  

    • Secure. Designed for hybrid workforces, GovCloud support, Pending StateRAMP approvals  
    • Contracting Vehicles. Experience contracting with 30+ states, State & Local partners  
    • Dedicated Success Team. Custom live training, OnDemand Courses, Dedicated DOT success team 


    Ready to see how we can help you make the most of section 11204 of the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act? Request a demo today!

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