Modern Facilities Lifecycle Management

Enhanced Performance and Extended Longevity

Streamlining asset lifecycle management for enhanced performance, extended longevity, and strategic cost efficiency.

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The Challenge

Facilities Managers Need Future-Ready Solutions

Facilities managers face the growing challenge of maintaining complex infrastructure efficiently while preparing for future demands. They need streamlined, future-ready solutions that adapt to rapid technological advancements to enhance day-to-day operations and ensures long-term sustainability.


Reactive Maintenance Practices

Reactive maintenance leads to higher downtime and reduces readiness. Adopting predictive maintenance strategies can minimize unexpected failures and ensure continuous operational efficiency.


Inefficient and Segregated Planning

Compartmentalized planning compromises stakeholder collaboration, leads to unnecessary overlap, and wastes resources. Integrated planning boosts cooperation and ensures the strategic deployment of assets.


Limited Operational Insight

Inadequate visibility into ongoing maintenance needs and constraints obstructs effective decision-making and prioritization. Enhanced analytics and reporting enables strategic planning for maintenance operations.

Success starts with Decision Lens

Decision Lens Customers

Customers across Federal, State, and Local Government are successfully transforming their facilities maintenance with Decision Lens. Below are a few highlights of customers who rely on Decision Lens.

Overcoming today's challenges

Ensure Future Readiness in Facilities Management

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs by employing advanced predictive strategies and streamlined processes. It ensures that facilities meet current needs and are prepared for future challenges and compliance demands. By optimizing resource allocation and improving foresight in maintenance scheduling, facilities managers can significantly boost the longevity and performance of their assets.

Optimize resource allocation based on mission priorities, funding constraints, and maintenance requirements to maximize operational effectiveness.


GSA met this leading practice by employing a software tool—Decision Lens—to determine which projects would provide the most benefit for its portfolio in exchange for investment at different funding levels.

GAO Federal Real Property Report, November 2023

Customer Success Stories

Customers have successfully transformed their facilities management with Decision Lens. In addition to powerful intuitive software customers benefit from a dedicated customer success manager, detailed implementation plan, and continued learning through Decision Lens University.

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Streamlined Maintenance Process

Transportation Facilities

A DOT is prioritizing its annual infrastructure facilities funding for future years by evaluating major maintenance projects and identifying top projects to execute. The result is a more transparent, objective resource allocation decision process.

Data-Driven Insights

Medical Facilities

A DoD agency is managing and prioritizing its medical facilities using data to optimize healthcare needs to support a Ready Medical Force.
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Strategic Resource Allocation

Navy Facilities

An installation is prioritizing all its military construction projects and base of service activities. The result has been aligned investments and budgets to strategic priorities supporting all the Navy’s global installations operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Focused on the public-sector, Decision Lens offers various ways for agencies to purchase our software. Our Contracting Vehicles Page offers a great overview. If you're looking for more information, you can always contact to have your specific question answered.

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