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Performance Based Planning & Programming

Optimize transportation projects with advanced analytics to streamline decision-making and prioritize investments for future-ready infrastructure.

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The Challenge

Fragmented Infrastructure Planning and Coordination

When planning and coordination activities operate in silos, the result is often suboptimal resource allocation, missed opportunities for integration, and a disjointed approach that fails to meet the complex demands of contemporary transportation systems.


Complying with Federal & State Regulations

Fragmented planning leads to difficulty in creating required reporting. Time required to gather data and defend decision is better spent on other activities.


Project Integration Failure

Projects in isolation can lead a lack of synchronization that could otherwise benefit from shared insights, resources, or timelines. The result is missed opportunities for performance-enhancing synergies.


Stakeholder Misalignment

Stakeholder struggle to align goals and priorities resulting in conflicting objectives that impede the overall planning process causing delays and increased costs.

Success starts with Decision Lens

Decision Lens Customers

Customers across the Department of Defense are successfully transforming their unfunded requirements process with Decision Lens. Below are a few highlights of customers who rely on Decision Lens.

Overcoming today's challenges

Streamlining Coordination for Peak Infrastructure Efficiency

Decision Lens transforms infrastructure planning by streamlining coordination and project integration, ensuring peak efficiency and optimal outcomes across all development phases.

Minimize version control issues, lack of data continuity, and improve speed to insight with our data intake and live collaborative environment. This enables more transparent proactive decision-making and risk management.


PBPP is helping States DOTs and MPOs to coordinate planning activities, make more informed investment decisions, and communicate performance-related data and information.”

United States, Department of Transportation

Transportation Agencies

Customer Success Stories

Transportation agencies rely on Decision Lens to organize their data for a transparent scoring process and efficiently explore funding scenarios for all major planning efforts.

Transparent Process

Transportation Planning & Programming Division

A transportation division modernized its requirements collection from a Sharepoint-based manual, non-collaborative approach to an automated, transparent system.

The new system provides a more complete view of projects with statuses, access to up-to-date data and a way to prioritize and score.

With a mix of date-driven and qualitative criteria the team is using Decision Lens to define a scoring system that is transparent to requestors.

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Improve Selection & Tracking

Transportation Alternatives

An infusion of funds received through IIJA required a streamlining of their new project request process including collecting and tracking project data, prioritizing requests, tracking funding and scheduling projects through 2027.

Together, we built a portfolio to represent their data from intake to scheduling with powerful user permissions to foster collaboration. The team can now develop scenarios with multiple funding options to determine the best mix of projects to fund.  

Stakeholder Engagement

Bike & Pedestrian Planning Group

The group saw an opportunity to improve their inadequate and confusing spreadsheet-based approach to project evaluation.

Now, stakeholders are guided through the project prioritization process, can easily vote on priorities, and project ratings. Their main advantage is being able to coordinate this input as well as communicate the results with everyone involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

Focused on the public-sector, Decision Lens offers various ways for agencies to purchase our software. Our Contracting Vehicles Page offers a great overview. If you're looking for more information, you can always contact to have your specific question answered.

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