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Our customer success experts are an extension of your team and work with you hand in hand as you become self-sufficient in using Decision Lens. We take time to understand your process, translate that into Decision Lens value, and provide necessary training. 

Decision Lens Implementation
Keys to a Successful Implementation

Success in the Public Sector with Decision Lens

With experience from hundreds of implementations of Decision Lens across the public sector, we have identified several keys to success. We partner closely with customers to meet these objectives and ensure you reach rapid time to value. 

Commitment to change

Cultural commitment to change

Organizations must be ready to transform

Clear objectives

Clear objectives

Identifying goals clarifies objectives and unifies teams

Timeline & Scope

Timeline & Scope

Setting a realistic timeline and scope

Well-defined continuous process with key milestones


Well-defined continuous process with key milestones

Core team of 3-7 super users with defined roles and decision-making authority

Active Users

Core team of 3-7 super users with defined roles and decision-making authority

Empowered Customer Champion/Project Manager

Empowered Champion Project Manager

A strong leader maintains momentum and enthusiasm

Clean Data

Clean Data

Key input data that is clean, available, and valid


Engaged Executive Sponsor

Direction and re-enforcement from an engaged Executive Sponsor


Decision Lens Offers Rapid 12-Week Deployment

A major benefit of choosing commercial off-the-shelf software is rapid deployment. This well-defined process ensures an implementation meets the unique needs of customers while providing necessary training and establishing an ongoing support cadence to guarantee long-term success.

Weeks 1-4
Process Review

During this stage we work with you to define the key objectives, end state, and go live date. This begins by reviewing your current process, useful artifacts (XLS, PPT, homegrown systems) and culminates with a recommended “to-be” process in Decision Lens.

Design Icon
Weeks 4-6
Solution Design

In this stage we define the structure including data types (categorical, text, numerical) and the number of fields. Once complete we map them to our decision framework which will ultimately be used to prioritize initiatives and create different scenarios. Also included is persona mapping; assign permissions and configuring custom elements.

Development Icon
Weeks 6-8
Portfolio Development

Throughout this stage we import existing data which will serve as the baseline. Once complete we encourage testing as we develop a custom training plan for key users.

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Weeks 8-10
Go Live

We deliver agreed upon custom training and remain available to answer any technical questions that arise

Weeks 10-12
Implementation Closeout & Adoption

Finally, we conduct a review to understand if we met your key objectives, discuss next steps and talk about main points of contact going forward.

Customer Success Expert

Guided Every Step of the Way

Custom Training occurs throughout implementation and will be delivered by your Senior Customer Success Manager.

  • Custom demo is provided to portfolio owners
  • Orientation will be delivered to owners
  • Stakeholder training is delivered once your portfolio has been developed

Ongoing Learning Options

We offer a variety of ways to learn at your own pace. With our various training options you'll be a Decision Lens expert in no time!

On-Demand Courses
On-Demand courses

On-Demand courses are available to any software user.

Check out courses
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

A knowledge base with Quick Start Guides and Help Articles.

See the Knowledge Base
Live Training Decision Lens
Live Training

Live quarterly training courses are delivered by our Senior Education Manager.

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