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Transform the management and prioritization of unfunded requirements to secure essential funding and resources strategically.

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The Challenge

Critical Needs Outpace Available Funding

Navigating the complexities of unfunded requirements presents a significant challenge, as organizations struggle to prioritize and secure necessary funding for critical projects that exceed their budget constraints. This often leads to missed opportunities and inefficiencies in resource allocation, emphasizing the need for a more strategic approach to managing these essential needs.

What is a UFR in finance? Ranking Projects

Ineffective Ranking of Vital Projects

Organizations lack the ability to effectively evaluate and highlight crucial projects that remain unfunded, leading to potential misplacement of efforts and resources.

Suboptimal Resource Usage in Unfunded Requests

Suboptimal Resource Usage

Existing resources are often not leveraged to their fullest potential, resulting in inefficiencies and unmet needs within critical project areas.

Cannot Secure Adequate Funding 1-N Lists

Cannot Secure Adequate Funding

The existing funding acquisition process is cumbersome and often fails to adequately advocate for the necessity and urgency of essential projects, hindering their realization.

Success Starts with Decision Lens

Decision Lens Customers

Customers across the Federal Government are successfully transforming their unfunded requirements process with Decision Lens. Below are a few highlights of our customers.

Overcoming today's challenges

An Agile, Aligned UFR Process

With Decision Lens, you can maximize impact by optimizing the evaluation of vital projects, improving resource utilization, and refining funding strategies. This comprehensive approach ensures that every critical demand is effectively met and surpassed, transforming how you prioritize and execute essential projects. You can turn organizational challenges into strategic advancement and success opportunities by leveraging Decision Lens.

Custom forms mapped to your decision framework and evaluation criteria make UFR requests immediately comparable and actionable.

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automated ufr intake
automated ufr intake
Seamless Collaboration in 1-N
Actionable Prioritization
Unfunded priorities and decision making

Decision Lens has been a game changer for how we manage and plan.

US Navy, Deputy Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Focused on the public-sector, Decision Lens offers various ways for agencies to purchase our software. Our Contracting Vehicles Page offers a great overview. If you're looking for more information, you can always contact to have your specific question answered.

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