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Empower S&T to drive more effective resource allocation and innovation to secure technological dominance.

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The Challenge

Adapting to a Globalized Era

In the face of globally accessible advanced science and technology, organizations must evolve their strategies to preserve America's leadership. Agile engagement with the private sector, robust protection of critical technologies, and swift overhauling of acquisition and deployment processes are crucial for maintaining our competitive edge..


Eroding Technological Edge

Our once-unrivaled technological edge is diminishing as advanced S&T becomes globally ubiquitous, demanding a radical shift in collaboration and innovation strategy.


Delayed Innovation to Deployment

A lag in transitioning from innovation to deployment slows capability creation, hampering the defense sector's response to evolving threats.


Process Inertia

The sluggishness of existing acquisition and deployment protocols is a significant barrier, impeding the DoD’s ability to integrate and capitalize on emerging technologies swiftly.

Success starts with Decision Lens

Decision Lens Customers

Customers across the Department of Defense are successfully transforming their unfunded requirements process with Decision Lens. Below are a few highlights of customers who rely on Decision Lens.

Overcoming today's challenges

Fast-Tracking DoD Technological Dominance

Decision Lens accelerates defense innovation and deployment, catalyzing a resurgence of technological leadership. It slices through entrenched process inertia, equipping the DoD with the agility needed for a robust, future-ready defense posture. This strategic facilitation ensures swift adaptation and sustained dominance in the evolving landscape of defense technologies.

Equip leaders to make rapid, well-informed evidence-based decisions.


Decision Lens is changing our way of doing business. By the end of this year, we estimate time savings to our existing process of up to 40% due to Decision Lens, with additional projected savings in the futureas we continue to evolve and improve.

Project Lead, Air Force

Frequently Asked Questions

Focused on the public-sector, Decision Lens offers various ways for agencies to purchase our software. Our Contracting Vehicles Page offers a great overview. If you're looking for more information, you can always contact to have your specific question answered.

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