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Modernizing how government prioritizes, plans, and funds through data-driven decision making.

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Decision Lens planning software solutions bring value and confidence to every industry and vertical.

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Connect Your Data Project data can quickly become disconnected, scattered, and outdated. With Decision Lens, your data is united and managed in real time.
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Explore Actionable Insights Due to massive volumes of data, manually generating portfolio options is limiting. Our algorithms create actionable options based directly on your limits and goals.
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Adapt for the Best Outcome Do you know how your strategic decisions, options, and tradeoffs fit together and impact goals? With Decision Lens, you gain visibility into the entire portfolio for better planning and resourcing.
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A Universe of Possibilities

Use our Scenario Calculator below to see how even the smallest change or addition can have an exponential impact to the amount of possible options in a portfolio.
In a matter of seconds, our algorithms run millions of scenarios and surface the best options based on your goals, visually highlighting bottlenecks and tradeoffs, and recommending actionable steps to make your scenario choice a reality.

Total Possible Scenarios


About 1/4 the distance to alpha centauri in km

Back Your Decisions with Strategy

Balance Competing Demands

Dynamically align project investments and resources with organizational goals, in a collaborative environment.

  • Uncover trade-offs and performance opportunities between planning options.
  • Quickly roll up or drill down to the level of clarity you need. 
  • Easily communicate projected data to stakeholders.

Smartly Navigate Disruptors

Become more proactive and less reactive with your planning and resourcing decisions.

  • Build a living portfolio that can rapidly respond to change.
  • Flag bottlenecks and constraints before they become a real problem.
  • Leverage targeted recommendations and actionable insights.

Stay Focused on Strategy

Use an adaptive planning solution that frees up time for what really matters: discussing and deciding what works best for your organization.

  • Spend less time managing data, hunting for options, and interpreting "insights."
  • Explore how your priorities, performance and goals are impacted by resources.  
  • Quickly estimate the value, cost, risk and balance of your projects and programs.

Decision Lens was able to cut project prioritization from over 300 hours using Excel, to 40 hours using the Decision Lens software.

Michael DeAngelo | Deputy CIO | State of Washington

Michael DeAngelo

Decision Lens ensures projects of the highest relative merit are consistently programmed, budgeted, and executed first.

Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson | Surgeon General of the United States Navy

Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson

For the first time, we are able to look across our entire department and start to get an idea of how these (programs) are working together.

John Thomas | Asset Management Director | Utah DOT

John Thomas

Take the Leap to Smarter Planning

Discover how with Decision Lens Accelerate resource planning solution, portfolios can be easily brought together and analyzed to inform your most challenging resource planning questions.

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