Decision Analytics Framework

Informed Trade-offs Across the Entire Enterprise

Gain clarity and insight into your portfolios to drive better, faster decisions aligned with strategic objectives.

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Where Value Meets Impact

Our Decision Analytic Framework relies on proven best practices of Value, Cost, Risk, and Balance (VCRB) provides the basis for integrated planning. Once implemented, organizations can plan for the long term while maintaining short term agility to compare scenarios and make trade-offs across their portfolios.

The Framework is the Foundation

Turn Data into a Strategic Asset

Decision Lens simplifies data collection and categorization to minimize errors by directly mapping input to your framework. Users spend less time validating data and more time analyzing it.

Data Mapping

Transform raw data into a structured, usable format by mapping portfolio data into dimensions such as Value, Cost, Risk, and Balance.

AI Categorization

Powerful algorithms streamline data mapping by suggesting framework categorizations and ensuring accurate and consistent categorization of portfolio data.

Uncertainty Analysis

Incorporate risk and uncertainty into decision-making by analyzing and modeling potential risks and their impacts on portfolio outcomes.

Define Your Organization's Priorities

Organize and map portfolio data against Value, Cost, Risk, and Balance dimensions, facilitating apples-to-oranges comparisons for all enterprise resourcing decisions.

Criteria Development

Define and model the qualitative and quantitative criteria that contribute to portfolio value, ensuring that decisions are based on a comprehensive understanding of organizational priorities and goals.


Group Ratings

Enable collaborative decision-making, where stakeholders can collectively define and weigh the criteria. This method requires a more nuanced and comprehensive approach to prioritization.

Benefits of a Decision Analytics Framework

Fully Understand The Impact of Trade-Offs

Empower your agency with strategic data insights to unlock your portfolio's potential. Gain clarity and insight into your portfolios to drive better, faster decisions aligned with strategic objectives.


Structured Decision-Making

Enables thorough comparison and analysis of complex trade-offs.


Alignment with Organizational Priorities

Make portfolio decisions by defining criteria that drive value for the enterprise.


Optimal Resource Allocation

Efficiently allocate resources by comparing and prioritizing initiatives.


Evidence-based Analysis

More informed decision-making based on accurate, real-time data.

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