Navy and coast guard

Gain a Data-Driven Decision-Making Advantage

Establish an operational and data driven decision-making environment that maximizes every dollar to support our warfighters.
data-driven decision making

Achieving Decision Superiority

Decision Lens allows the Navy and Coast Guard to continuously improve existing business and operational processes to maximize every dollar towards critical goals such as readiness, enhance warfighting capabilities, and stabilizing the industrial base.

The challenge

Improve Business and Operational Processes

The Navy is faced with a monumental task of maintaining global superiority amidst constrained budgets, antiquated technology, and inadequate processes. Our platform helps achieve several key objectives to delivering the force of the future.


Lack of Strategic Alignment

Inconsistent data management, lack of unified criteria and limited project scoring prevent enterprise-wide decision making.


Frustrated, Overburdened Employees

Recruiting is suffering and existing employees are burned out due to the heavy burden of antiquated technology and manual processes.


Reliance on Old Data

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Overcoming Today's Challenges

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Navy

Decision Lens was designed to empower the Navy to meets its mission of maximizing resources for readiness, enhance warfighting capabilities, and increase lethality.

Empower senior leaders with accurate and timely data

Decision Lens offers a decision framework, process automation, and collaborative scoring which deliver data at the speed of relevance.

  • Enterprise-wide visibility into spending priorities minimizes duplicative action and overspend. Leaders make decisions which can maximize taxpayer dollars.
  • Integrated planning eliminates silos and ushers in an era of cross-functional performance that channels all actions in a unified direction.
  • Usher in a of data-driven culture which is capable of maximizing every dollar.

Optimize dollars to the mission

Built on decision science, our software and people drive process change to implement more consistent data management, scoring, and real-time analysis to provide enterprise transparency.

  • A more agile, responsive, and distributed data-driven process build trust in the Navy's stewardship of taxpayer dollars.
  • Data is ingested, ranked, and analyzed through our secure platform increasing data security by eliminating unsecure spreadsheets and un-encrypted emails.

Recruit and retain the best talent

Our well-designed user interface, process automation, and powerful algorithms allow people to stop spending time on low value tasks and focus on solving complex challenges.

  • Talent is looking to leverage cutting edge software to have maximum impact on the mission.
  • Activity logging and robust roles and rights will empower employees at all levels to make decisions.

Decision Lens has been a game changer for how we manage and plan our supplier development funding efforts.

Deputy Director, Navy

The Platform

Integrated Planning for the Navy

Decision Lens allows the Navy to achieve its modernization goals through a comprehensive, cloud-based platform which meets each organization where they are and partners with them to mature their planning and budgeting over time.

Robust Data Management

Decision Lens provides the tools to build a unified decision model which allows data to be collected and made actionable in real-time across the entire Navy. The result is a move off spreadsheets and towards real-time data which allows for better, faster, more mission-aligned decisions.

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Data-Driven Prioritization

Decision Lens offers a robust suite of tools to enable mission-aligned prioritization. Navy customers rely on these capabilities to prioritize Unfunded Requirements, to Capital Planning to Science to Technology Grants and beyond.

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Mission-Aligned Planning

Customers rely on our planning capabilities to prepare for the coming year while maintaining a thorough understanding of the alternatives courses of action.

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Agile Execution-Year Funding

Customers rely on our funding capabilities to execute funds throughout the year, prepare and respond to change, and adhere to regulatory spending requirements.

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