Agile Funding to Stay Mission Aligned

Optimize resource allocation in response to a disruption in your plan’s execution. With real-time spending data, organizations are always prepared to reallocate the next dollar towards the highest priority projects.


Strategic Funding Equals Aligned Outcomes

Today, organizations are forced to rely on outdated methods for funding projects during the budget year. Decision Lens transforms funding by introducing agility driven by real-time spend plan tracking, a robust monitoring suite, and easy to understand purpose-built visualizations.

Unparalleled Visibility Into Spend & Performance

Always be rest to effectively spend your next dollar by stay up to date on allocations by comparing plans to actuals.

Execute Every Dollar Effectively

Adjusting your list of priorities as the mission or environment changes empowers agencies to respond to disruptions real-time.

Better, Faster Decision Making

Funding tools in Decision Lens allow organizations to operate at the speed of relevance without sacrificing the quality of decisions.

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US Navy, Director of Requirements

Product Modules

Funding in Decision Lens

Decision Lens offers a robust suite of tools to enable mision-aligned funding. Customers rely on these capabilities to execute funds throughout the year, prepare and respond to change, and adhere to regulatory spending requirements.


Enhanced Performance Drills

Gain real-time visibility into how spending aligns organizational objectives to optimally spend every dollar, every year.

Purpose-Built Funding Visualizations

Quickly assess planned vs. actual spending, resource availability, and future projections, to proactively manage your project portfolios.


Real-Time Spend Plan Tracking

Proactively monitor and manage the execution of approved budgets in real-time to achieve better alignment between project execution and organizational goals

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Benefits of Agile Funding

Optimize Resources Whenever Disruption Happens

With real-time data on actual spending levels versus allocated amounts, organizations are always prepared to reallocate the next dollar towards the highest priority projects.


Optimized Resource Allocation

Maximize limited resources by funding the highest-priority projects.


Improved Financial Control

Insights and tools to engage in more proactive management of project finances.


Data Driven Decision-Making

Make informed budget decisions using real-time data aligned to your decision framework.


Proactive Responsiveness

Adapt swiftly to changes by monitoring performance and adjusting course.

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