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Integrated Planning Software

Modernizing how government prioritizes, plans, and funds.

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US Intelligence Community

An Automated, Continuous Planning Workflow

Transform Your Process

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Unfunded Requirements

Identify mission-aligned spending priorities to fund in real time as money becomes available.

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Multi-Year Planning / POM

For better long-range planning, medium-range prioritization and short-range funding execution.

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Requirements Planning
Requirements Planning

For maximum impact focus on data analysis, not validation

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Decision Lens Delivers Enterprise Value


Leveraging Decision Lens prioritization results is a defensible, transparent 1 to N list of priorities which ensures you are always ready to fund the next most important mission-aligned priority.


Operating in a dynamic, changing world requires a proactive strategy. See how Decision Lens enables customers to gameplay for all possible situations.


Quick, informed decisions get dollars out to the program groups faster to satisfy mission needs.

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eBook: Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is

The conditions are right to successfully transform how the public sector plans, prioritizes and funds. By making better decisions, the US government can ensure a better future for the nation and its citizens.

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Deliver Today, Plan for Tomorrow

By connecting time horizons, departments and roles, Decision Lens transforms how organizations plan, execute, and track success. 

Short-Range Mid-Range Long-Range


Amassing, justifying, and obtaining the optimal resourcing to ensure mission success is a critical outcome. Decision Lens results in:

  • Timelier, data-informed financial decisions
  • Focus on data analysis, not data validation
  • Optimizing taxpayer dollars for the highest value outcomes


Programmers and planners must balance future transformational investments with near-term financial constraints. Decision Lens is a critical tool for:

  • A framework to prioritize future spending
  • De-bottleneck resources intelligently
  • Collaborating across teams to map requirements to goals


Identify and introduce game changing capabilities to meet the future needs of citizens.

  • Use adjustable time horizons to plan for 10+ years
  • Incorporate a feedback loop to match planning with execution
  • What-if scenario planning to identify effective outcomes in a variety of circumstances

Meet Your Mission With Decision Lens

Better, Faster Decision Making

Use real-time data to gain the insight needed for mission-aligned decision making

Operational Agility

Deliver insights faster leveraging automation, scenario planning and real-time data

Protect and Preserve Budget

An integrated approach ensures resources are properly allocated to meet planning guidance.

Proactive Scenario Planning

Actively drive decisions through ongoing tradeoff analysis using a consistent enterprise data framework

Data Analysis over Validation

Allow front-line experts to focus on making better informed, strategically aligned decisions which further the mission.

Timely Allocation of Funds

Quick, informed decisions get dollars out to the program groups faster to satisfy mission needs.

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We have been modernizing public sector planning for 15+ years, evolving our solution to meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow.