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Modernizing How Government Prioritizes, Plans, and Funds

The platform government leaders rely on to ensure every dollar supports their mission.

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Optimize Your Planning

Maximize the Impact of Every Dollar 

It is more difficult than ever to set priorities and make tough decisions among competing demands. To overcome this challenge, organizations require an integrated, transparent, and consistent planning platform. The result is better, faster decisions… because every dollar matters. 

Benefits of Integrated Planning

From Disconnected to Integrated Planning

Government recognizes the necessity of improving decision-making. Being more data driven and integrated will better align dollars to strategy. The result ensures agencies continue to improve the lives of citizens, invest in game-changing emerging technology, and guarantee America’s security and prosperity.

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Put Data at the Center of Every Decision

Rely on real-time insights to make data-driven decisions at the speed of relevance.

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Improve Alignment of Budgets to Strategy

Ensure every dollar across your enterprise is optimally invested in the mission.

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Empower Your Workforce with Automation

Shift from cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheet-based data management

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Add Agility to Execution Year

Optimize resource allocation in response to disruption of your plan’s execution.


Evaluate Alternative Scenarios

Justify decisions by conducting what-if analysis to assess alternatives.


Prioritize with Purpose

Map requirements to your decision framework to create a 1-N list aligned to the strategy.

The integrated planning platform

Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is

Suboptimal decision making is not a nebulous notion devoid of real-world consequences. A better approach requires new technology offering rich features which yield the right outcomes.

Stop Relying on Disparate, Antiquated Data

Decision Lens offers a purpose-built framework which establishes a common enterprise-wide criteria and decision language.

  • Data driven decisions powered by scenario planning
  • Tradeoff analysis which measures enterprise-wide impact of various courses of action
  • Define and model the qualitative and quantitative data contributing to portfolio value.

From Low Value Data Validation to High Value Data Analysis

Decision Lens automates project input and maps data directly to your framework.

  • Eliminate human errors by mapping inputs directly to your decision framework.
  • Shift thousands of hours towards high impact strategy work and analysis
  • Configureable collection form intakes input on enterprise requirements while limiting access by roles and rights.

Ready Today, Ready Tomorrow

Create an integrated operation which includes short, mid, and long-range planning time horizons.

  • Amass, justify, and obtain the optimal resourcing to ensure mission success today.
  • Balance future transformational investments with near-term financial constraints.
  • Identify and introduce game changing capabilities to meet the future needs of citizens.

Be Ready When Conditions Change

Evaluate thousands of potential scenarios to develop a justifiable strategy-aligned approach to resourcing.

  • Purpose-built visuals highlight scenario impact on your goals and objectives.
  • Adjust resource allocations and constraints to model and assess alternative scenarios.
  • Grade the performance of each scenario against a range of potential future states.
What-if Analysis

Be Prepared to Spend or Save Your Next Dollar

Monitor spending progress throughout the year to ensure funds are being utilized effectively and to avoid under- or overspending, which can impact future budget allocations.

  • Real-time budget monitoring continuously tracks actual expenditures against planned budgets to identify deviations and allow you to take corrective actions
  • Compare planned spend amounts against actual obligated funds to model the execution against approved budget amounts for each project.

Developed for the Public Sector

Our unique experience allows us to develop transformative software designed specifically to meet public sector requirements.

  • Built-in best practices for process improvement
  • Designed for rapid deployment & adoption
  • Support for various IL-levels
  • Available via many contracting vehicles
  • Industry-leading time to value
Trusted across the public sector

The DoD, Federal, State and Local Agencies Rely On Our Software


Top Agencies Love Decision Lens

"Decision Lens has been a game changer for how we manage and plan our supplier development funding efforts"

Deputy Director, Navy

"There is one word to describe where we are and where we are going… WOW."

Planning Director, Navy

"The software is intuitive. The flexibility and adaptability allow consistency across decision-making."

Colonel, Department of Defense

"Decision Lens enabled us to effectively prioritize 326 statewide projects in 3 months."

Project Planning Director, State DOT

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