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Revolutionizing Public Sector Decision Making


Modernize your organization with Decision Lens to achieve superior long-term planning, continuous mid-range prioritization, and short-range funding execution. The result is a sustained competitive advantage created by using your limited resources most effectively both now and in the future to ensure the best possible outcome.

We have been modernizing public sector planning for 15+ years, evolving our solution to meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow.

The Integrated Planning Platform

Decision Lens provides the ultimate operational advantage to organizations. Here are just some of the capabilities modernizing the public sector.

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Powerful Intake Engine
prioritization-framework-icon-leto copy
Industry-Best Prioritization Framework
portfolio-roll-up-icon-leto copy
Dynamic Collaborative Scoring
scenario-planning-optimization-icon-leto copy
Force Multiplier Scenario Planning
budget-planning-execution-icon-leto copy
Budget Planning & Execution

Sectors we Serve

DoD-icon-leto Copy-1
Department of Defense

You preserve our way of life. Modernize how you make decisions, prioritize, and allocate limited resources to meet your mission

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IC-icon-leto Copy-1
Intelligence Community

Your mission is to collect, analyze, and deliver intelligence so leaders can make sound decisions to protect America

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fedciv-icon-leto copy
Federal Civilian

Your goal is to provide critical services to your fellow Americans. Transform how you plan for the long-term while continuing to meet the needs of today.

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State & Local

You have the most widely felt impact on daily lives. Transform how you plan to meet the needs of tomorrow while delivering vital services today.

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Deliver Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Decision Lens is on a mission to revolutionize the decision making required for great achievement. Leveraging our unique expertise in decision science, agencies achieve sustained advantages through superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization, and short-term funding execution.

Short-Range Mid-Range Long-Range A Better Approach


Financial managers constantly struggle with formulating a defensible, mission-aligned budget. Decision Lens modernizes short range execution to help overcome these challenges.

  • Budget Formulation
  • Spend Plan Creation & Tracking
  • Unfunded Requirement Prioritization


Programmers and planners must balance future transformational investments with near-term financial constraints. Decision Lens is a critical tool for:

  • Mission Prioritization
  • Issue Data Management
  • Scenario Comparison & Visualization
  • POM 5 Year Plan Building


It is not easy to prepare for an uncertain future. Stay ahead of new threats and maximize emerging opportunities, with better:

  • Capability Gap Data Management, Analysis, Prioritization
  • Capability Assessment by Warfighting Scenario
  • Long Range Road Mapping

A Better Approach

By connecting time horizons, departments and roles Decision Lens transforms how organizations plan, execute, and track success.

  • Ruthlessly prioritize the most valuable programs to guarantee optimal spending and resource allocation
  • Gain unparalleled visibility and control of the planning process across time horizons, your enterprise, and adjacent departments.
  • Guarantee business continuity, eliminate downtime and act swiftly with access to Decision Lens anywhere your staff may be.

What Makes us Different


Public Sector Focused

We develop government-grade software to meet the unique needs of the public sector


Committed to Customer Success

Each customer has a dedicated, experienced team expert in helping government organizations digitally transform


Part of your Ecosystem

Fortify your existing workflow with a streamlined approach which eliminates manual tasks resulting in a faster, more defensible process


More than Software

Decision Lens provides the combination of people, process and technology required to modernize government agencies for future readiness


The Decision Lens software is the only software that can provide three distinct features resident within one integrated software solution, which are data management, data analytics and data visualization


US Army

Support mission requirements prioritization and financial management

US Air Force

Automate their POM Planning process

Texas Department of Transportation

UTP and STIP performance-based planning from Central Office, to Districts and MPOs

National Park Service

Prioritization of contaminated sites for cleanup

Let's get started

We have been modernizing public sector planning for 15+ years, evolving our solution to meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow.