Scenario Planning

Navigate Changing Conditions with Confidence

Navigate changing conditions with confidence by crafting robust, adaptive strategies for organizational resilience.

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The Goal

Prepared to Adapt

With Decision Lens, organizations are always ready to adjust their strategy when circumstances change. Scenario planning tools allow for modeling and evaluating the impact of various scenarios on your portfolios, resources, and objectives. The result are organizations achieving the foresight required for enhanced resiliency,  risk mitigation, and confident decision-making.

Scenario Plan Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Evaluate Multiple Courses of Action

Decision Lens enables organizations to create and evaluate multiple scenarios - based on the criteria important to them - to identify the most promising strategies and contingency plans.

What-If Analysis

Adjust project variables, resource allocations, and constraints to model alternative scenarios and assess their impact on outcomes.

Compare Scenarios

Compare up to three scenarios side-by-side to evaluate trade-offs, identify the most resilient strategies, and select the optimal path forward.

Scenario Grading

Assess the performance of each scenario against a range of potential future states using AI-driven algorithms and predefined criteria.

Account for Constraints

Decision Lens helps organizations optimize resource allocation throughout the planning period to maximize value and minimize risk.

Define resource pools, constraints, and dependencies to ensure feasible and realistic scenario plans.

Benefits of Agile Scenario Planning

Empower your Organization

Empower your organization to anticipate and prepare for changing conditions and future events.


Unrivaled Agility

Quickly adapt to changing circumstances by modeling and evaluating alternative scenarios.


Defensible Decisions

Use what-if analysis to justify decisions and compare scenario performance.


Flexible Resource Allocation

Swiftly adapt to changing needs by adjusting project inclusion and funding levels.


Adaptability and Resilience

Evaluate and implement alternative scenarios to bolster organizational agility and strategic alignment.

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