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Integrated Planning For Better, Faster Decision-Making

By making more fiscally responsible, mission-aligned decisions US government agencies can better allocate billions of  dollars towards their  strategic objectives. 

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Our Award-Winning Pedigree

Dive into our world of achievements, where unparalleled quality meets industry-wide recognition.

The Platform

Integrated Planning for Your Agency

In this demo, we will highlight the four planning phases organizations modernize with Decision Lens. From improving your data management to agile funding execution and everything in between you will leave a demo with a rich understanding of how you can apply Decision Lens to your agency.

Robust Data Management

Decision Lens provides the tools to build a unified decision model which allows data to be collected and made actionable in real-time across the entire Navy. The result is a move off spreadsheets and towards real-time data which allows for better, faster, more mission-aligned decisions.

Data-Driven Prioritization

Decision Lens offers a robust suite of tools to enable mission-aligned prioritization. Navy customers rely on these capabilities to prioritize Unfunded Requirements, to Capital Planning to Science to Technology Grants and beyond.

Mission-Aligned Planning

Customers rely on our planning capabilities to prepare for the coming year while maintaining a thorough understanding of the alternatives courses of action.

Agile Execution-Year Funding

Customers rely on our funding capabilities to execute funds throughout the year, prepare and respond to change, and adhere to regulatory spending requirements.

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The DoD, Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies Rely on Decision Lens

"Decision Lens has been a game changer."

Director, Navy