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Decision Lens is a strategic prioritization, resource allocation, and budget planning solution for the public sector.  Customers across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, federal civilian agencies and state and local government rely on Decision Lens software to best allocate limited resources, connect disparate processes, and overcome data gaps for better integrated planning and strategy execution. 

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  • Setting-up secure intake and prioritization for projects and UFRs- Custom intake forms and ingest into a single system offer a more efficient approach than Excel to collect, prioritize and track proposed projects, unfunded requirements, and investment options. 
  • Overcoming data gaps to develop a defensible set of recommendations- Access data from a variety of upstream and downstream systems to build a business case for recommended courses of action. 
  • Providing real-time analysis for leadership- Develop a complete 360 degree view of planning and execution so leadership can make quick, accurate decisions 
  • And More! 

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