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Effective Trade-off Decisions to Maximize Mission Investment

Enabling effective tradeoff decisions to optimize every dollar amidst constrained budgets in support of the mission

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Achieve Decision Superiority

Decision Lens transforms data into a strategic asset, allowing IC agencies to optimize resources in a constrained environment allowing them to adapt to a dramatically changing strategic environment. Agencies must have the ability to quickly determine where the next available dollar should be invested in order to prioritize the most immediate needs based Onan  established objective criteria.

The challenge

Flat is the New Up

Agencies are being asked to do more with relatively less resources.  No agency can fund 100% of its desired activities in support of the mission, so optimal prioritization is critical.  As budgets continue to be constrained, and the competition for additional resources continues, the ability to defend and advocate for budgets is becoming more challenging.


Too Many Silos

While some compartmentalization will always be required the inability to connect data, insights, and input more broadly inhibits mission-alignment.


Antiquated Prioritization Methods

Email first communications and time consuming in-person sessions are insufficient. Stakeholders require a more efficient, consistent way to engage in prioritization.


Frustrated, Overburdened Employees

Recruiting is suffering and existing employees are burned out due to the heavy burden of antiquated technology and manual processes.

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Overcoming Today's Challenges

Meeting the Needs of the Intelligence Community

Decision Lens allows intelligence agencies to allocate resources prudently, report outcomes through appropriate channels, and remain accountable to themselves, their oversight institutions, and ultimately to the American people

Empower senior leaders with accurate and timely data

Decision Lens relies on a decision framework which enables a common enterprise-wide language to identify and agree on criteria. Combined with powerful tools to prepare and react offers unrivaled agility.

  • Powerful algorithms power scenario planning capabilities which allow leaders to rapidly adjust plans as conditions change.
  • Integrated planning eliminates silos and simplifies identifying additional funding pools and duplicative spend to minimize impact of spending shifts.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility into spending priorities minimizes duplicative action and overspend. Leaders make decisions which can maximize taxpayer dollars.

Align Every Dollar To Maximize Mission Impact

Built on decision science, our software and people drive process change to implement more consistent data management, scoring, and real-time analysis to provide enterprise transparency.

  • Decision Lens provides the modern analytics tied to your decision framework to meet mission requirements.
  • Proper resource allocation will accelerate initial fielded capability and speed the delivery of capability.

Recruit and retain the best talent

Our well-designed user interface, process automation, and powerful algorithms allow people to stop spending time on low value tasks and focus on solving complex challenges.

  • Talent is looking to leverage cutting edge software to have maximum impact on the mission. Providing cutting edge tools will play a role in meeting Army recruiting goals.
  • Activity logging and robust roles and rights will empower employees at all levels to make decisions providing a more compelling job and career path.
  • Decision Lens offers online, in-person, and on-demand training to ramp users quickly and provide ongoing skill development over time.

Decision Lens is definitely something that is needed and I already see how it can provide great value.

Intelligence Community, Financial Manager

The Platform

Integrated Planning for the Intelligence Community

Commercial off-the-shelf software like Decision Lens allows the Intelligence Community to achieve its goal of deploying a secure, cost-effective, highly productive environment which offers rapid time to value.

Robust Data Management

Decision Lens provides the tools to build a unified decision model which allows data to be collected and made actionable in real-time across any IC agency. The result is a move off spreadsheets and towards real-time data which allows for better, faster, more mission-aligned decisions.

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Data-Driven Prioritization

Decision Lens offers a robust suite of tools to enable mission-aligned prioritization. IC customers rely on these capabilities to prioritize unfunded requirements, facility construction, science & technology grants and more.

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Mission-Aligned Planning

Intelligence Agencies rely on our planning capabilities to prepare for multiple time horizons simultaneously while maintaining a thorough understanding of the impact of alternatives courses of action.

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Agile Execution-Year Funding

The IC relies on our funding capabilities to execute funds throughout the year, prepare and respond to change, and adhere to regulatory spending requirements.

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