Data Collection and Management

Insight at the Speed of Relevance

Harness the power of your data to begin making the most efficient, informed, and mission aligned decisions.


Evidence-based decision making

Collecting, structuring, and aligning data accurately and consistently is critical to making data mission-ready. Decision Lens offers a proven enterprise-wide decision framework with automated input workflows to map your data quickly and accurately. Reduce inefficiencies and errors associated with collecting, formatting, editing, and consolidating disparate inputs  to make better, faster decisions.

Structure data to meet your unique requirements

Adapts to your Organization

Decision Lens can be customized to accommodate each organizations unique language and approach ensuring minimal growing pains and maximum adoption.

Custom Names

Fully customize portfolio terminology, workflow statuses, and data collection form elements and field types to speak the language of your organization

Permissions and Controls

Granular permission controls and role-based access management ensure data security and privacy, while enabling collaboration and streamlined workflows.


Tracked credibility and audit trails ensure data integrity to enable informed decision-making.

Streamlines Data Collection

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone traditional data collection methods and create a database of pre-decisional data where all input is mapped to your enterprise’s decision framework


Import/Export Tools

Robust import and export capabilities, including Excel import wizards and customizable data exports allow data to be easily added from systems of record and exported to BI tools.

Request Ideas Form

Crowdsource data collection by collecting project ideas and data through customizable forms which map directly to your framework. Configure various elements, instructions, and options for required fields to collect all the information you need, every time.

Benefits of Data Collection & Management

Real-Time Insights Enable Better, Faster Decision-Making

Using Decision Lens to manage your data organizes, unlocks, and empowers it to serve as a critical driver to better, faster decisions.


Increased Efficiency

Added agility allows you to get to the right decision faster


Single Source of Truth

Enterprise-wide transparency reduces duplicative spend.


Aligned Outcomes

A framework allows for data-driven decisions, aligned to your priorities


Improved Data Quality

Minimize errors for decision making on accurate data.

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