5 Ways to Modernize your Science and Technology Planning

Now more than ever, S&T planners are tasked with the enormous challenge of rapidly solving for the world’s most pressing challenges and threats to security, health, climate, education, and many more.

As an S&T professional your job is to help quickly develop modern, effective solutions, but are your antiquated prioritizing and investment processes holding you back?

Planners often operate within disconnected systems, making collaboration during the lifecycle difficult. This collaboration not only pertains to that between people, but that between different sets of project data. Operational siloes and system disconnections can often lead to risky R&D dependencies, costly redundancies and critical project delays.

Traditional Program Management methodologies no longer work. Your organization needs to be able to communicate rapidly and to collaborate throughout the S&T lifecycle. Without these capabilities, innovation will not be sparked or captured at the pace the problems demand.

What can you do to help your organization operate more effectively? How can you work collaboratively throughout the lifecycle to enable better communications and tracking of efforts; to more rapidly identify dependencies; and to standardize your evaluations and analysis?

Our latest whitepaper “Modernizing Planning Solutions for Science and Technology” shares best practices to help your organization to modernize and keep pace with its need to stay globally competitive.

You’ll learn best practices for:

  • Standardizing and streamlining the input process
  • Using a central repository for data
  • Measuring ideas against organizational priorities
  • Rapidly adapting to changing conditions and
  • Creating visually appealing reports; and
  • Evaluating a platform to modernize your S&T planning

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