3 Ways to Boost Your Transportation Prioritization Process

Decision Lens has worked side by side with many Departments of Transportation throughout the years, and we’ve picked up a few helpful tips along the way when dealing with the unique challenges these departments face.  

Below are our top three best practices when prioritizing your plans and programs: 

1. Alignment

Line up federally mandated targets to your performance areas with a more data driven approach. This will enable you to develop a performance-based planning and programming process, and that will help you set and meet those mandated targets.

2. Holistic Clarity

Most DOTs are very siloed in performance areas -such as their preservation, system expansion, and safety offices- resulting in redundancies inefficiencies. By gaining visibility into the impact projects will have across different performance areas, silos are eliminated and investment decisions become more holistic and justifiable.

3. A Place to Start

Don’t worry about waiting for all your data to be perfect before trying to strategically prioritize. Your data will never be flawless, and there is no reason to let perfect be the enemy of good. You just need to start somewhere and keep up the good habits going forward. Improve the process and refine the data as you move forward.

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