Elevate Your Facilities Planning Process

Facilities Planning decisions are more complex than ever.

The long-term implications that come with costly facility capital expenditures make strategic decision-making critical to managing risk. But what’s the best approach for optimizing limited resources with an increase in demand?

Planning, at its core, is about framing objectives, prioritizing those objectives, and using the priorities as a guidepost for developing a course of action.

The Decision Lens methodology for facilities project prioritization reduces risk and ensures transparency into how priorities are set.

Leading government agencies are already using Decision Lens to allocate billions of dollars infrastructure and facilities projects. Most of our clients see immediate improvements, as well as long-term benefits within 6 months.

Resource optimization applies your financial, technical and political constraints to a prioritized list, creating investment plans for five, ten and 20 years down the road.

Here are just a few of our success stories in government facilities planning:

National Parks Facilities.

An agency is focused on determining the most valuable facility investments and environmental cleanup projects. By strategically prioritizing contaminated site cleanup initiatives throughout its assets, it has ensured that investments are directed towards the most impactful locations.

Transportation Facilities.

A State Department of Transportation (DOT) is allocating its annual infrastructure facilities funding for future years by assessing major maintenance projects and selecting key projects for implementation. This approach leads to a clearer, more objective decision-making process for allocating resources.

Medical Facilities.

A DoD agency is utilizing data to manage and prioritize its medical facilities, optimizing healthcare services to support a prepared medical force.

Navy Facilities.

A military installation is prioritizing its military construction projects and base service activities. This has led to investments and budgets being aligned with strategic priorities, supporting the operations of all Navy installations worldwide.

Government Facilities.

An organization overseeing capital and leases for civilian agencies and the Department of Defense has enhanced its investments and management of real property leases. By gaining better visibility into comparison metrics such as building condition and location, it can effectively monitor Congressionally appropriated yearly building maintenance funds.

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