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Decision Lens Proud and Excited to Partner with Maryville Technologies

Matt Ipri

August 23, 2017

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    The organizations we work with continue to struggle with some truly fundamental business needs. More often than not, these struggles center around their ability to allocate the constrained resources they have (budget sometimes, but people more often) to the right initiatives. Key questions continue to drive their leadership teams crazy:

    • “How do I know my IT resources are focused on the right activities for my business strategy?”
    • “How do I know I’m selecting the right IT investments and programs to push the business forward?”
    • “How do I know I’m allocating my limited people resources optimally?”
    • “Why am I still having a hard time spending all of my allocated budget because I can’t get the right people working on the right projects?”

    Yes, it’s 2017 and these questions are still confounding even the most mature IT organizations and IT leaders.

    It’s clear that it’s time to start thinking about the problem differently. It’s time to take Strategy Execution and Strategic Resource Planning seriously. It’s not good enough anymore to rely only on your current PMO group and your current project management system to give you the answers and insights you need to push the business forward. It’s time to work with experts in strategy execution and solutions built specifically for strategic insights and answers.

    And for this reason, we at Decision Lens are deliriously excited to be kicking off a new partnership with Maryville Technologies. Maryville Technologies has been guiding organizations through technology transformation and technology-enabled growth for more than 20 years. Maryville focuses on Strategy Execution, Organizational Effectiveness, Agile Development, and more of the big business problems you are tackling. No one has thought about the problem of getting more of the RIGHT output from IT than Maryville has.

    So when you add their expertise and accelerators to the power of the Decision Lens solutions for strategic resource planning and alignment, it really is what an organization needs to finally solve IT resource planning and delivery problems.

    Together, Maryville Technologies and Decision Lens delivers the right accelerators, expertise, algorithms, best practices, and tools you need to:

    • Get the answers and insight you need to fund and staff what you need to get done
    • Identify the opportunities for cutting or re-allocation you need to get the business transformation activities into focus
    • Have confidence in the selections and allocations you make in IT
    • Get the exact financial and people resources you need to be successful in the future

    And specifically, Maryville Technologies and Decision Lens have partnered together to make sure your organization sees clear improvement in strategic alignment and resource allocation. It’s time to:

    • Figure out the maturity of the organization and where to get started with a strategy alignment assessment
    • Identify the true value model and priorities of the organization by quantifying the business strategy and the opinions of stakeholders
    • Pilot a funding and allocation model with Decision Lens blueprints and algorithms
    • Implement a true strategic resource allocation system customized to your business and tuned to your goals and constraints

    It’s time to get started. It’s just not good enough anymore to keep doing what you’re doing.

    What are you struggling with?


    Learn More About the Maryville – Decision Lens Partnership

    Learn More About Maryville Technologies

    Learn More About Decision Lens Strategy Execution

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