Want to be Amazing at Facility Resource Planning? Here's How!

Making agile, smart decisions with an analytic process drives the performance of your investments. Reducing facility costs, improving productivity and revenue generation contributes to an organization's bottom line.

Successful infrastructure and facility management requires a systematic approach that is consistent over time and place for assessing needs and establishing priorities.Even an underfunded I&F program can show substantial success when it has a balanced portfolio that properly integrates all appropriate components.

The Decision Lens methodology for facilities project prioritization significantly reduces risk and ensures transparency into how priorities are set.

Successful facility professionals will be those that proactively create solutions for challenges and leverage their resources and new technologies.A clear statement of motivation and organizational objectives is needed to improve infrastructure.

Candidate projects are evaluated against a weighted set of strategic criteria, putting facilities managers in control of the process.

Metrics quantify condition assessments and connect facilities conditions to mission, goals, and objectives to justify budget decisions.

Steps must be taken to set metrics that will result in the desired outcomes. Metrics have little meaning until specific goals are established and taken to heart by a department.

Decision Lens provides eye-opening analytics that empower organizations with insights and engages decision-makers to achieve better outcomes. Establishing support of facilities and infrastructure translates to long-lasting results if the implementation is taken seriously and enforced by management at all levels.

Various factors such as company morale, look and feel, or even satisfaction can be combined with quantitative numbers to help form the best possible view.

Customized Blueprints® and relevant criteria ensure your facility related decisions align with your strategic direction.

Opportunities are identified to more effectively leverage utilization rates and other performance metrics in strategic facilities portfolio management.

Having the ability to run dynamic "what-if" budget allocation scenarios for long-range, mid-range, and short-range plans can maximize the performance of investments across asset classes. Decision Lens streamlines asset project prioritization and related investment scenarios.

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