Introducing Decision Lens Capital Assets

Decision Lens is already the leader in prioritization and resource allocation solutions.  For years, we’ve helped commercial, government, military and even sports organizations collaboratively choose the right investments and optimize how much and when to fund them.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Decision Lens Capital Assets!  Capital Assets is specifically designed to streamline, accelerate, and maximize the ROI for capital planning in the Transportation, Facilities, Public  Utilities, and Water Management industries.

Here’s why we think it’s great.

  • Decision Blueprints® - We’ve combined our expertise, research, and industry best practices to develop easy to use “starter templates” that give capital planning teams a head start on project prioritization.  Blueprints can be easily modified to address an organization’s unique goals, saving time and ensuring all the issues have been considered.
  • Visual Analytics – We know capital planning doesn’t end with simply scoring and ranking capital improvement projects.  You need to explore the portfolio from all the angles and quickly see the impact of the various paths you’re considering.  So we’ve designed beautiful data visualization tools that make it easy to illustrate the options and highlight the insights.
  • Robust Decision Controls – Hands down, we’re the experts in prioritization.  But we took a fresh look at how capital planning teams actually work and re-engineered key features to give them greater control in the decision making process.

It’s hard not to brag when you’re delivering this much value for customers.  Check out Decision Lens Capital Assets in action during our webcast on December 12th.

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