The Winter 2016 Release is Live!

Contributed by Michael Rahm


A new year means new analytics and updated visualizations to get your portfolio prioritization off to a great start!

Both the Trade Off Analysis and What’s In/What’s Out visualizations have been upgraded with new analytic capabilities for a deeper understanding of your portfolio.

With Trade Off Analysis, you can now view trade offs for both funded and unfunded Alternatives for any of your custom-built scenarios. You can also filter your views by specific Participants, Participant Groups, and Custom Priority Sets as well as view weighted or unweighted data for even more granular level insights into your portfolio. We’ve even added the ability to search for Alternatives and Criteria to speed up the prioritization process and create a better user experience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 2.12.27 PM

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In What’s In/What’s Out, two easy to understand columns appear, showing you exactly which Alternatives are being funded and which are not. Alternatives can be listed and totaled by Alternative Category for a quick, at-a-glance view of your portfolio. Partially funded Alternatives now show up in italics for a visual cue to let you know they are not currently fully funded projects. Note that you can hover over any partially funded Alternative to get details as to the percentage of funding it received as compared to the baseline cost. Other visual cues appear here as well including the lock icon, which signifies an Alternative has been forced funded. And just like Trade Off Analysis, data filtering is present for new insights into your portfolio.

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Decision Lens continues to improve the Portfolio Prioritization process with every release. Check out this demo video of the new features and as always, head over to Decision Lens University for the latest in depth training and onsite learning experiences. You can also read the in-depth release notes.

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