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An Enhancement to the Fall 2013 Release of Decision Lens

Matt Ipri

January 22, 2014

An Enhancement to the Fall 2013 Release of Decision Lens-featured-image
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    It’s our pleasure to announce that last Friday, the first set of enhancements to the Fall 2013 release were put into production. All current users already have access to these great improvements to the Decision Lens platform.

    This release included a few feature and performance enhancements that continue to add power and user friendliness to the Decision Lens platform. Here’s a quick summary about what you can expect from this Fall 2013 Release enhancement:

    • More Powerful Pareto Analysis – The Pareto Analysis feature was enhanced with a new capability to add even more flexibility to your analysis. Now, you can see exactly how your portfolio would be impacted by pending or potential budget changes. A new option was added to the Pareto Table visualization that empowers users to decide how, in a multi-pool environment, a budget cut (or addition) will be applied across funding pools and projects. The user can choose whether to apply the change across all pools equally or to have the software optimally make the change in a way that optimizes the value delivered by the portfolio. With this new feature, you can now be sure your portfolio is still delivering optimal value even through changes like budget cuts and sequestration.
    • Performance Updates – As you've seen in the past, Decision Lens treats performance as a feature and not as a “nice-to-have”. We recognize that a slow app is an app that no one would use. In this updated release, users will be able to get to their analysis quicker with performance improvements across the Decision Lens platform. Specifically, the load of the initial lobby has been dramatically improved, with some users seeing up to 10 times faster load of the lobby. Faster load of your Decision Lens lobby means more time analyzing portfolios and less time waiting. In addition, the process of working with multi-selected alternatives has been accelerated as well.

    We’re confident these enhancements will improve your user experience with Decision Lens and look forward to providing more to you in the coming months!

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