It’s an Exciting Year to be Sponsoring the 2017 Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit!

Contributed by Adam Boggess

For the 5th straight year, we’ll be a part of Gartner’s Summit event on the PPM space, and for the 2nd straight year, we’ll be one of the Sponsors. Year after year, this summit provides a great opportunity for attendees to catch up on the latest trends and ideas in the PPM space and we’re EXTRA excited for the themes and differences this year. First and foremost, Gartner changed the event NAME this year, now calling it the “Program & Portfolio Management Summit”. In past years, they referred to it as the “PPM and IT Governance Summit”, so the change is certainly palpable.  It’s an example of the continued growth and focus on the “portfolio” and on “portfolio strategy”. Specifically, Gartner continues to focus more and more on “Strategy Execution”, which is quite near and dear to our hearts, as it is totally and completely what Decision Lens was built for. We’ve noticed recently that analysts continue to write more and speak more about Strategy Execution and we’re hopeful that means more and more organizations are starting to take it seriously.

Taking Strategy Execution seriously will be the focus of our event. As a leader in Strategy Execution, we want to impart on organizations that it is time NOW to take Strategy Execution seriously and that it’s not as hard as it seems to do that! It’s not good enough anymore to simply dip your toe into strategic alignment, and we want to empower organizations to take that first step!

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We know that you (and probably many others at the Gartner event) are probably asking “What, exactly, IS Strategy Execution?” We’re also looking to help define a term this week that has been definition-less for a long time!

Has there been a new technology term introduced recently that seems to combine two more dissimilar words than “strategy” and “execution”?

Probably not. So often, those two words are used very differently by organizations and applied to two very separate organizations. The leadership team “does strategy” and the delivery team “does execution”. Many of your organizations probably still operate like that today. But it’s become clear that as organizations look to technology as the accelerant for transformation and growth, the two topics can no longer exist separately. IT executives are being asked to not only deliver general IT services successfully, but also PUSH the organization towards its digital, transformational goals and make the strategy of the organization a reality.

And that’s how we’ll be looking to put a clear definition to the term: Strategy Execution is what organizations do to ensure that the execution of resources empowers the strategy of the organization to be a reality.

We will be onsite providing ideas and guidance both at our booth and in our speaking session. Our Decision Lens, Marketing VP, Matt Ipri will be challenging attendees on how they’ve been handling Strategy Execution in their organizations and how it gets a lot better.

We’re excited for the event, for sure. And we hope to see you there! If you’re planning on being in Orlando and want to check us out, we’ll be in the Exhibit Hall at Booth 307 for the whole event and you can attend our presentation on Monday 6/5 at 3:30pm in Osceola D.

It’s time to take Strategy Execution seriously!

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