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We’re Proud to Announce the (Soft) Launch of Decision Lens University!

Madeline Scott

September 03, 2014

We’re Proud to Announce the (Soft) Launch of Decision Lens University!-featured-image
In this article

    With over 70 courses and dozens of hours of on-demand content, we are excited to let our users know that quietly, as of today, they have access to the brand new education site from Decision Lens: Decision Lens University! Check it out now at

    Whether you’re looking for some introductory courses on getting started with Decision Lens software or if you’re in the market for some facilitation or analytics training, Decision Lens University should be your new starting point! Some of the key course areas include:

    • Introductory content on software features and the big picture of Portfolio Prioritization
    • Solution overview content on important areas like R&D and Innovation and Capital Planning
    • Feature review content on the most essential features of Decision Lens like resource optimization, scenario planning, and establishing priorities.

    And some of the most interesting courses

    • Understanding Visualizations
    • Analytics and Insights
    • Fundamentals of Facilitation
    • …and dozens more!

    We don’t ask you much here at Decision Lens, but we ask that you give this a try, for sure! Check it out at today!

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