DL Labs: Investing in Employee Driven Innovation

Like Google and other silicon valley tech companies, Decision Lens has its own brand of time allotted so that developers can work on innovative projects that interest them. 

DL Labs takes place about once a year and allows developers to take a pause from roadmap focused activities to research tools and innovations that could potentially help the product in the future, or help them do their jobs more efficiently. 

In strict development cycles, it can often feel like there is no time to invest in the long term future of the product or improving workflow, but it is precisely this that needs to be invested in to make long term gains.

Everyone on the Development Team submits projects, even those who support development from Romania. Because everyone is working on projects simultaneously, it encourages everyone to work collaboratively and bring more perspectives to the table.

Some major past projects have included experimenting with visual test tools,  advancing tech stacks, and exploring advanced algorithms. 

"It's easy to say you have a development culture of openmindedness and creativity," said Aaron Beall, who is in charge of UI. "Labs is the proof that we have that."

Learn more about how DL Labs gives our development team the freedom to experiment and innovate collaboratively by watching our video below:

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