Leverage Strategic Decision-Making in Facility and Infrastructure Planning for Improved Resource Allocation

Strategic alignment and optimizing dollars to maximize the performance of investments across asset classes is critical in facilities and infrastructure-based decisions. Decision Lens software makes it easy to prioritize based on both objective performance data and more subjective assessments of project importance collected by decision stakeholders. The Defense Health Agency (DHA) had a low-tech approach to facilities prioritization and lost funding due to inability to defend the project values against requested money. To combat the unbalanced distribution of funds, they turned to Decision Lens to collaborate across the DoD to optimize healthcare needs, focus on initiatives that deliver the greatest value, and enable data and information to drive healthcare prioritization. By leveraging Decision Lens’ state-of-the-art approach to achieving outcomes with the highest value and returns, DHA was able to optimize $30B in Medical Facilities.  

The following recorded webinar demonstrates how value driven resource distribution in facility management can effectively optimize performance metrics across asset classes:

Facilities & Infrastructure Webinar

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