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Creating Excellence in Local IT Strategic Planning

Amber Larkins

May 12, 2021

Creating Excellence in Local IT Strategic Planning-featured-image
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    How are different state and local entities handling the push for IT Centralization? What are some successes that have come about as a result of modernization and automation efforts?

    Decision Lens recently sat down with Rob Nix, Technology Investment Portfolio Manager, Innovation and Technology, City of Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss the importance of IT in an increasingly internet-reliant society, and how they were able to successfully pivot during the pandemic to achieve great things for the City of Charlotte.

    Watch the discussion here!:

    Nix's professional career expands over 30 years including considerable time in local government, particularly with Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte. His work has given him considerable knowledge in the following areas: technology portfolio management, strategic management, budgeting, financial management, grant management, contract administration, resource management, process management, rate and cost model development, and business administration.

    In the City of Charlotte he is accountable for the practices and processes inherent to the City's Technology Investment Portfolio Management methodology and full technology investment lifecycle. Nix is also responsible for improving the overall Technology Investment Portfolio Management maturity across the organization, and tracking and reporting the progress of those improvements. As an arm of the overall IT governance function, this key role is responsible for managing the citywide technology portfolio by facilitating the citywide portfolio investment priority criteria and selection processes, both annually in support of the budget cycle and process and on-going during the fiscal year. This includes reviewing all technology requests and planned expenditures over $5,000 as a key step in the Technology Project Evaluation Process.

    Has your organization implemented innovative methods for strategic planning? What outcomes has it allowed you to achieve? We would love to hear from you. Email us at and you could be featured in our next discussion.

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