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Endless Integration Possibilities

Continued innovation is a core pursuit at Decision Lens. Our flexible APIs can be connected with many major software solutions as well as homegrown solutions.

Dive into New Capabilities

Continuous Planning, Perfected

From uniting your dispersed data from existing sources, to helping you flow seamlessly into the next stage in your project portfolio management process, our API driven architecture has you covered with integration possibilities.


Database/Datasource Integrations

Stale data kills plans. Stop worrying if the DL algorithms are running analysis on the latest information in your database and get accurate planning recommendations and insights.


Reporting Platform Integrations

Effective communication moves plans forward. Seamlessly push your best insights to your favorite reporting platform.


Communication and Password Integrations

Collaborate with stakeholders and request needed portfolio and resourcing information via your preferred messaging platforms. Enable Single Sign-on for a smoother password experience.

Explore Solution Sets for Smarter Strategic Planning

Discover endless capabilities with Decision Lens integration options.

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