Optimize the Competing Forces of Value and Budget

State & Local Solutions

Balancing benefit against cost is a constant battle in capital planning, and organizations that quickly, transparently, and collaboratively optimize these competing forces will walk away with the spoils. Decision Lens equips you with the data insights you need to prioritize your highest value projects and defend your investment decisions.

Perform dynamic analysis of budget and resource allocation scenarios to reduce long-term investment costs

Collaborate on trade-off­s between strategic and operational outcomes to increase confidence in your selection decisions

Increase transparency and achieve true performance-based planning for better outcomes


Prioritize your Highest Benefit Investments by performance

MAP-21 ushered in a new era of accountability, requiring greater rigor and transparency in transportation planning. To satisfy these expectations, you need a performance-based approach to evaluate asset conditions, safety, and service quality. Decision Lens provides a data-driven framework that streamlines the project selection and resource allocation process, making it easy to defend your highest benefit investments and sustain critical funding over time.

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Mass Transit

Prioritize Your Transit Projects for Performance

More than ever before, citizens and legislators are calling for greater visibility into asset management and capital planning. To deliver, you need a defensible way to evaluate asset condition, prioritize what to expand or fix, and allocate budget. Decision Lens provides a transparent and repeatable process to identify and fund your highest benefit transit investments.

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Ensure that Strategic Planning Drives the IT Budgeting Process

Help transform the lives of citizens and energize local economies by reducing budget waste and prioritizing the most impactful IT projects that align with citizen interests and needs. Ensure alignment throughout state agencies and optimize taxpayer dollars with a transparent and justifiable solution. Gain a better understanding of resource constraints and strategically plan and optimize resources for maximum ROI.

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Customer Success


The Power of the Intelligent Portfolio

Having information without a way to interpret it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our powerful analytic visuals remove the guesswork to help you identify the insights you need and communicate it effectively.

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Customer Success

The Decision Lens Customer Success team has decades of experience solving the industry specific problems you’re working on. Our team is comprised of talented individuals who are committed to your successful implementation and overall organizational adoption of the Decision Lens process.

Whether you’re a State Asset Management Team or a Federal Budgeting Group, we’ve got the expertise to assist you in your solution oriented approach to planning, prioritization, and resource allocation.

Decision Lens' Customer Success fully enables organizations to be more process-driven and successful with their strategic prioritization efforts. Our experienced Client Managers, Analytics Experts, and Education Instructors guide organizations through implementation, execution, and analytical discovery utilizing the Decision Lens solution.

Decision Lens Customer Success provides a range of offerings that can be custom tailored to your specific organizational needs.

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The Secret Sauce

Organizations of all types follow a very similar process for identifying, prioritizing, and selecting projects and investments. Whether you are struggling over a portfolio of IT investments, a set of potential capital projects, or even a list of potential vendors to work with, your organizations will go through each of the main stages to get to your final portfolio for execution.


Our goal is to guarantee that you get the most out of the Decision Lens software. Decision Lens University (DLU) was created to ensure that you receive the value and continued support you expect from Decision Lens. With a host of classes, formats, and options, we make sure you are comfortable with our methodology to reach your objectives as painlessly as possible.
Decision Lens University operates in all forms of learning to continue supporting you while using our software.

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