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Transportation Capital Planning

Enable accountability and traceability for prioritization and performance-based planning and programming with Decision Lens.

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Prioritize your Highest Benefit Investments by Performance

While the concepts of performance management and measures are generally understood, deciding how to best allocate limited resources across acceptable transportation system performance continues to pose a persistent challenge. Decision Lens enables performance-driven decisions by linking agency planning and programming activities through best practices.

Scenario Planning with “What If” Tradeoffs Trade-offs at both the project and portfolio levels are available with Decision Lens. At the project level, users can view how projects on the bubble of being funded directly compare across criterion and metrics.
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Transparent Data Framework Decision Lens provides a data-driven framework that streamlines the project selection and resource allocation process, making it easy to defend your highest benefit investments and sustain critical funding over time.
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Cross Asset Rollup View your performance metrics across asset classes in one birds eye view. Quickly roll up or drill down to the level of clarity you need and discover optimal resource allocation options and priorities for your enterprise project.
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Identify Criteria

Prioritize based on both objective performance data and more subjective assessments of project importance.


Prioritize & Optimize

An interactive, prioritized list of projects and investments is generated after data is input into Decision Lens.

Weight Relative Importance

Gather stakeholder opinion on the relative importance of one performance criterion against another.

Evaluate Trade-offs

Trade-offs at both the project and portfolio levels are available with Decision Lens.

Rate Alternatives

Blend data with expert judgment to score projects on a level playing field.

Gain Insights with Visualizations

Advanced visualizations allow organizations to view the impact of dynamically shifting inputs.

State-of-the-Art Approach to Transportation Planning

Learn more about achieving performance based transportation planning and resource allocation with high value outcomes.

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