Modernizing How State & Local Governments Plan , Prioritize & Fund

Your mission is to provide critical services and resources your constituents desire to make your locale the best it can be. Decision Lens can help.

Key Capabilities

Whether you are an IT organization, transportation agency, or MPO, Decision Lens allows you to prioritize projects by customized criteria, in compliance with federal and state requirements and agreed to by municipal leaders.

Prioritization Framework icon

Prioritization Framework

Turn data into a competitive asset with a structured framework for organizing, comparing, and analyzing inputs to assess enterprise risk and opportunity.

Scenario Planning icon

Scenario Planning

Formulate funding scenarios accounting for constraints and dependencies to unlock the most aligned and performance-driven portfolio.

Intake Engine icon

Intake Engine

Turbocharge the collection, organization, and prioritization of requests through our secure, customizable forms which feed input into a structured data model.

 Dependency Aware icon

Dependency Aware

Plan and execute interconnected parts of your mission while understanding the butterfly effect on the rest of your projects.

Flexible Reporting icon

Flexible Reporting

Analyze your data anywhere – in-app, via a BI tool, in Office suite - or even print reports.

Budget Suite icon

Budget Suite

Full visibility into how long-term requirements translate into medium term funding and how it must be executed in the short-term.

Arkansas Transportation Improvement Plan quote

The MPO will utilize various tools such as Decision Lens to assist in scoring and ranking of projects to be included in the TIP.

Arkansas Transportation Improvement Plan

Committed to State & Local Government

Government Grade Security Contracting Options Dedicated Success Team

Government Grade Security

Ensuring the security of your data is our single most important business commitment that we have as an organization.
  • Support for secure hybrid workforces
  • GovCloud support
  • On-Premises Deployments available

Contracting Options

At Decision Lens, we want to simplify the contracting process to make our software accessible to you. Below are just a few of the many paths to procure our software with new options being added regularly.

  • Experience contracting with 30+ states
  • Federal GSA contracting options

Dedicated Success Team

Our expert training team provides accessible, hands-on training when and where it’s convenient for you to help maximize the value you get out of Decision Lens.

  • Custom live training
  • On-Demand Courses
  • Dedicated state and local expert