Modernize Agency Planning and Prioritization

Your mission is to provide ever improving services to meet your constituents changing priorities. Decision Lens can help.

Key Capabilities

Decision Lens helps you best meet the public’s changing demands of your agency, allowing you to be a proactive force for societal good. 

Intake Engine

Intake Engine

Turbocharge the collection, organization, and prioritization of requests through our secure, customizable forms which feed input into a structured data model.

Collaborative Scoring

Collaborative Scoring

Guarantee the most comprehensive list of priorities by having subject matter experts score the relative importance of select projects.

Budget Suite

Budget Suite

Suite of features which provide full visibility into how long-term requirements translate into medium-term funding and how it must be executed in the short-term.

Scenario Optimization

Scenario Optimization

Explore thousands of alternative paths with artificial intelligence trained to find and recommend scenarios based on your desired outcome.

Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

Flexible reporting allows you to analyze your data anywhere – in-app, via a BI tool, in Office suite - or even print reports.

Hybrid Deployment

Hybrid Deployment

Guarantee business continuity, eliminate downtime, and act swiftly with access to Decision Lens on any approved system anywhere your staff may be at any time.


… the utmost effectiveness requires future-focused leadership, a closer alignment of resources with strategic priorities, and modernized tools and systems that allow us to better utilize our time and succeed in our mission.

US Department of State Joint Strategic Plan

Committed to Civilian Agencies

Government Grade Security Contracting Options Flexible Hosting

Government Grade Security

Securing your data is our top priority so we support security protocols the public sector relies on, such as:

  • FedRAMP certified
  • IL 2/4/5 Compliant | ATO

Contracting Options

Our exclusive focus on the public sector allows us to invest in a variety of contracting options to simplify procurement. Some available contracting vehicles include:

  • GSA
  • 8(a)
  • Other Agency-Specific Vehicles

Flexible Hosting

Decision Lens is deployable in a variety of secure on and off-premises environments, such as:

  • On-Premises
  • AWS GovCloud SaaS
  • Agency-Networks (NIPR, SIPR, JWICS)
  • Self Hosted


General Services Administration

Capital planning and leasing projects

Federal Aviation Administration

Decision support for HR, Facilities, IT and R&D

United States Department of Agriculture

Supported the growth of its Science and Technology Portfolio

National Institute of Health

Grants prioritization to determine how and when to allocate funds

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