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November 19, 2009


Arlington, VA— Washington Business Journal highlights the continued growth and success of Decision Lens with a preview of the firm’s next generation decision-making software platform.

Visit Decision Lens Taps Security Agencies To Boost Sales to view the article in its entirety.

Decision Lens has developed a unique solution to help government, businesses and other leading organizations to make critical decisions on crucial issues using the intelligence of key players, vital data and other relevant factors. The system is available in a desktop version and as a secure online edition, which enables key-decision makers anywhere in the world to participate in real-time.

About Decision Lens 

Decision Lens Inc. provides easy-to-use software that gives companies the benefit of foresight, taking the guesswork out of every important business decision.

Powerful Decision Lens desktop and Web-based applications let business teams agree on the best possible investments in people, projects, products and suppliers. Options and outcomes are instantly easier to understand, improving both decision-making and bottom line performance in any business situation.

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