Press Release: United States Army expands reliance on Decision Lens to include annual POM submission

March 15, 2022 - Arlington, VA

Today, Decision Lens, the developer of integrated planning software modernizing how government prioritizes, plans, and funds announced the United States Army has expanded reliance on its software. Moving forward, various Army organizations will use Decision Lens for their annual allocation process for test investment priorities used to support the annual POM submission. 

As highlighted in the Army Digital Transformation Strategy in October 2021, “Operational excellence is an imperative for the Army in light of the tight fiscal reality in Program Objective Memorandum (POM) 2023-2027 and beyond”. Relying on Decision Lens will modernize planning allowing the organizations to act faster, fund smarter and innovate at scale.

Specifically, the organizations will rely on Decision Lens to transform a manual, time-intensive process into an automated and data-driven one which will be inextricably linked to strategic priorities. The organizations join a growing list of Decision Lens Army customers who have demonstrated exponential usage of Decision Lens as modernization becomes increasingly linked to readiness.

According to Ted Reynolds, Decision Lens Chief Revenue Officer, “We have spent years building a reputation of innovation, partnership, and outcomes across the Army and the results speak for themselves. We’re seeing growing reliance on our software at existing Army accounts and as a result others have taken notice. Our mission is to improve Army readiness through better short and long-range planning by making data mission-ready and actionable in real time”

Today’s announcement represents the beginning of significant momentum for Decision Lens in 2022.

About the United States Army: The Army is the largest military branch in the United States. Its job is to protect the country and its citizens. It is made up of the most dedicated, most respected Soldiers in the world. These Soldiers protect America’s freedoms while serving at home and abroad, and they are always prepared to defend the nation in times of need.

About Decision Lens: Decision Lens develops integrated planning software which modernizes how government prioritizes, plans, and funds. We have been transforming public sector planning since 2005, delivering the people, process and technology which empower agencies to effectively meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow. Customers across the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies and state and local government achieve a sustained operational advantage through superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization, and short-term funding execution.

A copy of the official press release can be found here.

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