Press Release: Decision Lens software selected for use by Office of the Secretary of Defense - Office of Innovation & Modernization

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, December 20, 2023 - Decision Lens is excited to announce that it has been selected by OSD Office of Innovation & Modernization to transform the current manual intake and prioritization of over 350 projects into an integrated, streamlined process.

According to Jonathan Allen, Executive Vice President at Decision Lens “The Office of Innovation & Modernization came to Decision Lens grappling with an issue we see often across the government – manual processes hampering a department’s ability to meet their mission. Leadership realized the tools they have historically relied on were not fit for the integrated planning and prioritization the organization needed and were seeking a better solution. I’m excited we get to be a part of the organization’s transformation.”

Decision Lens is being used to develop an ongoing, automated project submissions to small businesses, validate data, manage the submission and prioritization process, and ultimately run scenarios to ensure funding is aligned with the mission and ever-changing economic conditions.

Making better, faster decisions is becoming imperative across the Department of Defense. Consumer-off-the-shelf software like Decision Lens delivers on this requirement with purpose-built capabilities such as an intake engine to eliminate manual tasks, a data framework built on decision science, and what-if planning to analyze thousands of scenarios delivers on this requirement.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this press release is for informational purposes on behalf of Decision Lens and is not intended to represent or imply an endorsement by any government agency. 

About Decision Lens

 Decision Lens develops integrated planning software which modernizes how government prioritizes, plans, and funds. We have been transforming public sector planning since 2005, delivering the people, process and technology which empower agencies to effectively meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow. Customers across the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies, and state and localgovernments achieve a sustained operational advantage through superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization, and short-term funding execution. 

About Office of the Secretary of Defense

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is responsible for policy development, planning, resource management and program evaluation. OSD includes the offices of top civilian defense decision-makers with regard to personnel, weapons acquisition, research, intelligence and fiscal policy, as well as offices the Secretary establishes to assist in carrying out assigned responsibilities.

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