Press Release: Decision Lens software selected for use by County of Los Angeles (LA)

Decision Lens is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the County of Los Angeles to play a pivotal role in the LA’s first multi-year capital investment plan. To deliver this plan, LA will use Decision Lens to transition off spreadsheets so it can rely on real-time data to better prioritize both capital investment decisions and operating budget requests.

According to Matt McDonald, Decision Lens Vice President, “Los Angeles is facing what many other counties across America are dealing with - the demand for services and capital improvements far exceeds available resources. I have been so impressed by the forward-thinking nature of the team at Los Angeles County and their focus on finding ways to ensure every dollar is spent as effectively as possible to meet the needs of its citizens.”

Los Angeles is home to a diverse population of approximately 10 million people across 4,000 square miles. To meet the needs of its community, the County allocates $1.3B towards its capital budget across more than 4,000 owned facilities which account for over 65 million square feet.

Implementing a decision support framework that leverages both quantitative and qualitative values in a transparent, defendable, and repeatable method will be critical for the future of Los Angeles. The framework and software will fuel assessing alternative investment and timing scenarios by changing criteria or criteria weights.

As Los Angeles looks to strengthen connections between county priorities having the capability to draw a straight line between priorities and outcome-based plans will distinguish LA in its ongoing goal to always be improving the lives of its citizens.

In addition to cutting edge software, Decision Lens is assisting customers benefit from a quantitative criteria-based prioritization framework to enable data-driven decisions. As state and local governments continue investing in modernization relying on a system to prioritize investments and ensure project execution is critical. The powerful combination of decision science in a commercial-off-the-shelf solution enhances agility, aligns resources to strategy, and provides better, faster decision making.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this press release is for informational purposes on behalf of Decision Lens and is not intended to represent or imply an endorsement by any government agency.

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