Press Release: Decision Lens software selected for use by Air Combat Command (ACC)

ARLINGTON, VA – August 10, 2023

Decision Lens is excited to announce that it has been selected by the US Air Force’s Air Combat Command (ACC) for its digital modernization effort starting with transforming its unfunded requirements process (UFR) including tracking spending to free up dollars to fund UFRs.

Lance DeSpain, Vice President at Decision Lens, “The desire to modernize the unfunded requirements process is a starting point for many organizations evaluating Decision Lens. Like many customers, the leaders at Air Combat Command recognized the need for better, faster data-driven decision making to ensure they could put their money where their mission is. As lean forward leaders, the team already has ambitious plans for further transformation leveraging Decision Lens software.”

Being selected by a pre-eminent Major Air Force Command (MAJCOM) is no small feat and furthers the belief that Decision Lens is amongst the leaders in transforming government planning. The power of its commercial-off-the-shelf software is allowing customers across the Air Force and the Department of Defense to achieve rapid return on investment.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this press release is for informational purposes on behalf of Decision Lens and is not intended to represent or imply an endorsement by any government agency. 

About Decision Lens

 Decision Lens develops integrated planning software which modernizes how government prioritizes, plans, and funds. We have been transforming public sector planning since 2005, delivering the people, process and technology which empower agencies to effectively meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow. Customers across the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies, and state and local governments achieve a sustained operational advantage through superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization, and short-term funding execution.

About Air Combat Command (ACC)

As a force provider, ACC organizes, trains, equips, and maintains combat-ready forces for rapid deployment and employment while ensuring strategic air defense forces are ready to meet the challenges of peacetime air sovereignty and wartime air defense. ACC numbered air forces provide air componency to U.S. Central and Southern Commands with Headquarters ACC serving as the air component to U.S. Northern and Joint Forces Commands. ACC also augments forces to U.S. European, Pacific and Strategic Commands.

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