Decision Lens software selected for use by Army Enterprise Marketing Office (AEMO)

ARLINGTON, VA – July 27, 2023

Decision Lens is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Army Enterprise Marketing Office for use in developing the 2-year Army Marketing Plan (AMP). AEMO will leverage Decision Lens for gathering, managing, and prioritizing the requirements to formulate its budget as they remind Americans how enlisting can help them “be all they can be”.

Jeremy Toor, Vice President at Decision Lens, “What impresses me most about the Army Enterprise Marketing Office was its active pursuit of transformation. The organization found Decision Lens as they were looking to modernize its planning and budgeting process. As a new organization they embraced a new approach and moved quickly through the acquisition and procurement process. Once purchased, they continued to move with speed to implement the solution to meet their mission.”  

The rapid deployment of Decision Lens demonstrates the power of commercial-off-the-shelf software to allow the DoD to achieve rapid return on investment. New customers of Decision Lens see immediate operational improvements in the current year while radically improving future planning cycles.

About Decision Lens

Decision Lens develops integrated planning software which modernizes how government prioritizes, plans, and funds. We have been transforming public sector planning since 2005, delivering the people, process and technology which empower agencies to effectively meet the needs of today while delivering the cutting-edge capabilities of tomorrow. Customers across the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal civilian agencies, and state and local governments achieve a sustained operational advantage through superior long-term planning, continuous medium-term prioritization, and short-term funding execution.

About Army Enterprise Marketing Office (AEMO)

The Army Enterprise Marketing Office (AEMO) is the corporate marketing office for the United States Army. Located in the heart of Chicago, AEMO is responsible for developing, executing, and analyzing national level marketing campaigns in support of the Army's recruiting mission.

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