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S&T Lifecycle Innovation

Get more mission critical technologies into the field faster

Breadth of Features for all your S&T Needs

We offer a complete set of capabilities across the Science and Technology process. Decision Lens is the platform of choice by many senior leaders because it is FedRAMP certified, offers a completely secure environment and can be deployed on a secure cloud or on premises.
Ingest Instantly align project submissions with identified needs to quickly surface relevant options for faster field delivery.
Collaboratively Prioritize Make sure every stakeholder voice and subject matter expert is represented for more accurate prioritization.
Scenario Plan Explore funding options that are cost effective and free up budget for even more projects.
Fund Understand the status of your spend in relation to a projects lifecycle as well as new immediate priorities so you can fund more critical needs, faster.

Accelerate your solution development and delivery.

With Decision Lens, you can manage the entire S&T lifecycle, ensuring technologies have the edge they need to meet the mission.

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Stats from our S&T customers

0% Investment Value Increase
0% ROI Increase
0% Time Reduction in Funding Decisions
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Automated, Secure Intake

Custom intake forms with unique submission links makes it easy to gather, manage, and collaborate with stakeholders for maximum growth and output.

Read the Whitepaper to discover how multiple S&T organizations have found success using Decision Lens

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Collaborative Prioritization

By having a collectively prioritized requirements list, it’s easy to quickly know what to fund next when budget becomes available.

See how USDA AHPIS engages all stakeholders in the decision making process

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Visualize Funding Paths

Immediately know the schedule and status of your spend (and if and when you have any available funding) by having one holistic budget and execution view.

Learn how DHS prioritized new and emerging wildfire-fighting technologies


Plan Option Comparison

A "what-if" sandbox for you to explore the best strategic options possible for your portfolio plan. Side-by-side scenario comparison features enable you to see the trade-off and ripple effects of each option.

In a world of shifting priorities, see how to more efficiently “intake,” process, and select the best ideas, projects, or proposals

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Transparent Planning

Decision Lens enables full transparency and auditability, is collaborative and inclusive, and encourages positive collaboration amongst stakeholders.

Decision Lens is a Proud Phase II SBIR Vendor

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Automated Processes

Automated, repeatable, and scalable prioritization and funding ecosystems are not only cost effective, but also enable planners to gain more agility in field delivery analysis and scope.

Our Customers

USDA APHIS USDA APHIS uses Decision Lens to identify and prioritize S&T projects for new and continued funding. They have also found great success keeping stakeholders informed, engaged and aligned to funding decisions, thanks to our collaborative prioritization process.
Sandia Sandia uses Decision Lens to better inform prioritization decision making in their S&T portfolios, especially when demand is more than can be granted. This efficient process maximizes the value of their portfolios and gives them the ability to easily mitigate and defend decisions.
DHA DHA continues to optimize their funding to high value programs and projects thanks to a more transparent and engaging prioritization process for stakeholders. Using Decision Lens they are also able to quickly integrate operation requirements into a single list and accurately illustrate budget cut impacts.

Maximize the allocation of resources to avoid or navigate any impending funding "crisis".
Automate analysis, with easy to understand options and tradeoffs
Reduce redundancies and bureaucracy with data driven recommendations
Pivot funding with administrative changes

Strengthen and streamline existing systems and processes in the office or out in the field.
Manage data as a collective group with easy to use edit logs
Great for dispersed teams and teleworking structures
FedRAMP Level 4 Certification security measures ensure there's nothing to worry about

Get rid of error prone spreadsheets that are scattered all over the place, and put an end to estimate "ball parking" during Acquisitions.

Use historical data for more accurate predictions
Enable current Actuals tracking for more effective spend, even across different colors of money
Quickly identify available resources and align them to a prioritized UFR list