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Portfolio Planning

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Product Capabilities

Ingest Instantly align project submissions with identified needs to quickly surface relevant options for faster field delivery.
Collaboratively Prioritize Make sure every stakeholder voice and subject matter expert is represented for more accurate prioritization.
Scenario Plan Explore funding options that are cost effective and free up budget for even more projects.
Fund Understand the status of your spend in relation to a projects lifecycle as well as new immediate priorities so you can fund more critical needs, faster.

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Prioritize and Optimize your Portfolio

With Decision Lens, you can ingest project submissions, collaboratively prioritize, scenario plan and fund.

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Automated, Secure Intake

Custom intake forms with unique submission links makes it easy to gather, manage, and collaborate with stakeholders for maximum growth and output.

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Collaborative Prioritization

By having a collectively prioritized requirements list, it’s easy to quickly know what to fund next when budget becomes available.

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Visualize Funding Paths

Immediately know the schedule and status of your spend (and if and when you have any available funding) by having one holistic budget and execution view.


Plan Option Comparison

A "what-if" sandbox for you to explore the best strategic options possible for your portfolio plan. Side-by-side scenario comparison features enable you to see the trade-off and ripple effects of each option.

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Transparent Planning

Decision Lens enables full transparency and auditability, is collaborative and inclusive, and encourages positive collaboration amongst stakeholders.

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Automated Processes

Automated, repeatable, and scalable prioritization and funding ecosystems are not only cost effective, but also enable planners to gain more agility in field delivery analysis and scope.


Science and Technology portfolio managers today are challenged with limited visibility, a disjointed approach and painful execution. Decision Lens helps overcome these challenges and deliver the ideal planning process.

Automated, Centralized Planning
Rapidly Connect to Data Systems
Generate submission requests, engage distributed evaluators
Roll up portfolios, visualize value, risk, financial implications of funding strategies

Research & Development portfolio managers must overcome a limited visibility and disjointed approaches leading to painful execution. Decision Lens helps overcome these challenges and deliver the ideal planning process.

Generate submission requests, engage distributed evaluators
Collaborative Prioritization
Rollup portfolios, visualize risk and financial implications of funding strategies
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