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Software for better long-range planning, medium-range prioritization and short-range funding execution.

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Today's technology and process leads Financial managers to struggle with formulating a defensible, mission-aligned budget by ensuring every dollar is obligated and expended for highest impact. Effective Short-Range Planning requires:

  • Automated data collection and management in a consistent framework
  • A dynamically updating list of unfunded requirements and priorities
  • A real-time view into spend-planning tradeoffs

With Decision Lens you effectively align the budget plan to its execution for maximum impact.


Programmers and planners must balance future transformational investments with near-term financial constraints. Effective Mid-Range Planning requires:

  • Standardizing the data used to evaluate requirements
  • Relying on a consistent prioritization methodology and framework
  • Leveraging real-time analytics to present leaders with smart, well considered courses of action given near-term constraints and needs.

With Decision Lens you effectively balance priorities for short term execution and long term innovation.


To stay ahead of new threats and maximize emerging opportunities, effective Long-Range Planning requires:

  • Efficiently identifying potentially transformational capabilities
  • Constantly course correcting as new opportunities and threats arise
  • Effectively blending predictive data with tacit knowledge of key experts in your organization to execute a value maximized roadmap

Planners at transportation agencies, warfighting centers, program executive offices and research labs across the country rely on Decision Lens to help them deliver the American way of life to future generations.

Success Team
Decision Lens users effectively align long-range programming, medium-range planning, and short-range budget execution to strategic priorities for a sustained competitive advantage.


US Army

Mission requirements prioritization and financial management


Multi-year facilities planning for military installations

US Department of Agriculture

Grant recipient selection and prioritizing risks to health

General Services Administration

Capital planning and leasing projects

Benefits of using Decision Lens

Forever Future Ready icon
Forever Future Ready

Create substantial and sustained investment in transformational capabilities over a long period of time without mortgaging today

Eradicate Knowledge Gaps icon
Eradicate Knowledge Gaps

Understand why historical decisions were made through data traceability that ensures continuity of planning and execution

Ruthless Operational Efficiency
Ruthless Operational Efficiency

Focus on analysis and strategic challenges by utilizing a centralized planning and budgeting system to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks

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