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Single Division

Your organization has a specific defined mission. To meet your objectives, you must be certain your team is operating at peak efficiency. Success means:

  • Having an up-to-date 1-N priority list
  • Awareness of current state of budget, obligations, and commitments
  • Agility to rapidly enact new scenario plans as the mission changes
  • Defensible decision making to mitigate budget clawback

Leaders across the Department of Defense, Federal Civilian agencies and state and local government are modernizing their planning, creating more defensible budgets, and spending effectively with Decision Lens.


You oversee several organizations with sometimes competing and conflicting priorities. To meet your broad objectives and specific goals, you need to:

  • Implement a consistent framework to compare priorities
  • See a rolled-up view of subordinate divisions to assess performance and adjust
  • Conduct ongoing scenario planning to respond to mission or budget changes
  • Collaboratively score projects to gain necessary insight into requirements

Senior leaders across federal, state, and local governments are relying on Decision Lens to transform how their organizations plan to act faster, fund smarter, and prioritize better.


You are establishing mission priorities, determining long-term objectives, and allocating funding across your department. To ensure the mission is met and funds are wisely spent, you need:

  • A complete lifecycle view to assess if projects are being effectively executed and having the desired impact
  • Reporting and analytics delivered in the format and platform of your choice
  • To align investments to your mission to guarantee long-term goals are met

Senior public sector leaders rely on Decision Lens to modernize their enterprise-planning with long-term success tracking, eradication of knowledge turnover gaps, and unrivaled transparency.

Congress Microsite
Connect long, medium, and short-range planning horizons to gain the visibility required to effectively focus on the future while balancing the need to sustain today.


US Army

Mission requirements prioritization and financial management

US Navy

Multi-year facilities planning for installations

US Air Force

Automate their POM Planning process

Texas Department of Transportation

UTP and STIP performance-based planning from Central Office to Districts and MPOs

United States Department of Agriculture

Grant recipient selection and to prioritize risks to health

General Services Administration

Capital planning and leasing projects

Benefits of using Decision Lens

Forever Future-Ready
Forever Future-Ready

Create substantial and sustained investment in transformational capabilities over a long period of time without mortgaging today

Ruthless Operational Efficiency
Ruthless Operational Efficiency

Focus on analysis and strategic challenges by utilizing a centralized planning and budgeting system to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks

Unrivaled Scalability and Speed
Unrivaled Scalability and Speed

Enabling collaboration across silos within a single system leads to repeatability and streamlined communication between stakeholders

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