Modernizing How the Department of Defense Plans, Prioritizes, and Funds

Your mission is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of the United States. Decision Lens can help.

Key Capabilities

Whether you are a senior leader, planner / programmer or budget analyst working in the Department of Defense, Decision Lens helps bold thinkers and fearless executers effectively meet their mission. 

Intake Engine icon

Intake Engine

Turbocharge the collection, organization, and prioritization of unfunded requirements through our secure, customizable forms which feed input into a structured data model.

Scenario Planning  Icon

Scenario Planning

Unlock the most mission aligned portfolio with proactive alternative course of action planning which considers all constraints and dependencies.

Collaborative Scoring icon

Collaborative Scoring

Guarantee the most comprehensive list of priorities by having subject matter experts score the relative importance of select projects.

Spend Plan Tracking icon

Spend Plan Tracking

Transform your budget process with full enterprise visibility into long-term allocations, mid-range distribution, and short-term execution.

Flexible Reporting icon

Flexible Reporting

Flexible reporting allows you to analyze your data anywhere – in-app, via a BI tool, in Office suite - or even print reports.

Portfolio Roll-up  icon

Portfolio Roll-up

Unparalleled visibility and control of all subordinate portfolios in a single view to enable optimized spending and resource allocation across your enterprise.


We need resources matched to strategy, strategy matched to policy, and policy matched to the will of the American people.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

Committed to the Department of Defense

Government Grade Security Flexible Hosting Contracting Options

Government Grade Security

Ensuring the security of your data is our single most important business commitment that we have as an organization. That's why we partner with our DoD customers to understand their needs and meet their requirements.

  • FedRAMP certified
  • IL 2/4/5 Compliant | ATO

Flexible Hosting

Securing your data is our top priority so we support security protocols the public sector relies on, such as:
  • AWS GovCloud SaaS
  • Agency-Networks (NIPR, SIPR, JWICS)
  • Self-Hosted

Contracting Options

Our exclusive focus on the public sector allows us to invest in a variety of contracting options to simplify procurement. Some available contracting vehicles include:

  • GSA
  • 8 (a)
  • Other Agency-Specific Vehicles

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Captain Lance DeSpain, USMC, Ret

Captain Lance DeSpain, USMC, Ret

Vice President, Air Force


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Rear Admiral Michael Browne, USN, Ret

Rear Admiral Michael Browne, USN, Ret

Senior Vice President, Navy


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Colonel Michael Greenberg, US Army, Ret

Colonel Michael Greenberg, US Army, Ret

Senior Vice President, Army


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