For Financial Managers

Software to guarantee funding is effectively operationalized to best defend your resources and justify your budgets.

Designed to Modernize Budgeting

FM Leader Budget Analyst

FM Leader

Delivering a proactive fiscal strategy to ensure every dollar is maximized requires exacting efficiency of funding obligations. To accomplish this, you must:

  • Work with leaders to identify and fund the highest value projects
  • Provide full visibility into the budget process
  • Oversee scenario planning and present alternative courses of action

When these objectives are achieved, you will earn a seat at the decision-making table and have a greater impact on mission outcomes.

Budget Analyst

No money, no mission. You must work within tighter budgets and an increasingly complex future to deliver results, by:

  • Automating time-consuming manual tasks
  • Developing an ongoing data collection process
  • Monitoring the status of funds in real-time for on-demand obligation
  • Analyzing data to determine what is and isn’t going well

Budget analysts, resource advisors, and others across the public sector are partnering with Decision Lens to deliver greater efficiency and accuracy.

Public Sector Financial Professionals
Public sector financial professionals use Decision Lens to maximally optimize resources, turn data into a strategic asset, scenario plan for optimal outcomes, and be forever future-ready.


US Army

Mission requirements prioritization and financial management planning

US Navy

Multi-year facilities planning for installations

US Air Force

Automate their POM Planning process

National Parks Service

Prioritization of contaminated sites for cleanup

Benefits of using Decision Lens

Lockstep Mission Alignment
Lockstep Mission Alignment

Create a collective line of sight to the strategy and tie your resources to the lines of effort that most impact your mission

Ruthless Operational Efficiency
Ruthless Operational Efficiency

Gain time to focus on analysis and strategic challenges by utilizing a centralized planning and budgeting system to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks

Instantaneous Priority Pivot
Instantaneous Priority Pivot

Leverage full visibility into requirements, spend to adjust on the fly, and maximize the allocation of resources

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