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Tactician Manager Leader


You are helping to produce advanced capabilities which support warfighters today and well into the future. To achieve ongoing success, you must:

  • Understand how research investments align to the mission
  • Continuously recommend and advocate for innovative research projects
  • Keep projects on track to deliver value to the organization

Innovators across the government leverage Decision Lens to continuously recommend projects, ensure they are aligned to the mission, and are executed effectively.


Your goal is to get ahead of the threats and shape the future by funding and executing strategic initiatives for your portfolio. To produce optimal results, you must:

  • Work with leaders to identify and fund the highest value projects
  • Analyze and report findings in real-time to senior leadership
  • Oversee continuous portfolio planning
  • Provide full visibility into the budget process

Portfolio managers and analysts rely on Decision Lens to continuously review portfolio investments, re-align projects to meet changing needs, and audit dollars spent.


Balancing sustaining the needs of today while delivering future innovation requires aligned policy development, data-driven decision-making, and effective program execution. To succeed, you must: 

  • Provide quality, data-based decision analyses and assessment
  • Standardize success criteria to evaluate performance across the enterprise
  • Balancing investment between long, mid, and short-range objectives

Successful leaders rely on Decision Lens to unleash the value of technology disruption and provide rapid capability maturation, delivery, and readiness.

Science and Technology Researchers
Decision Lens provides unparalleled visibility into impact of tradeoffs in scientific investment to assist in data-driven decision making. The result is leadership’s continued investment in future innovation.


National Institute of Health

Grants prioritization to allocate funding to meet pressing needs

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Science & technology project selection processes

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Selection of grant applications

Federal Aviation Administration

Decision making support for HR, Facilities, IT and R&D


Science & technology projects and tasks prioritization

Benefits of using Decision Lens

Unrivaled Scalability and Speed icon
Unrivaled Scalability and Speed

Enabling collaboration across silos within a single system leads to repeatability and streamlined communication between stakeholders

Instantaneous Priority Pivot
Instantaneous Priority Pivot

Leverage full visibility into requirements and spend to adjust on the fly and maximize the allocation of resources

Budget Certainty
Budget Certainty

Adapt to budget changes that promote long-term innovation and success

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