We offer a flexible, secure approach purposefully deployed to meet each client’s unique needs.

Designed for Security and Reliability

Decision Lens provides flexible deployment options to meet the data security, privacy, platform reliability, and business continuity needs of your organization. We have been issued multiple cloud and on-premises ATOs from federal civilian and DoD agencies. Hosting options include:


  • FedRAMP SaaS on AWS GovCloud
  • Private cloud deployments
  • On-premises deployments



“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

Paul Maritz, VMware CEO

Authority to Operate

Multiple government agencies have reviewed our security package, purchased a license, and given us an Authority to Operate. Don’t see your department or service? Our public sector experts have years of experience working with new clients to obtain new Authorities to Operate.

FedRAMP SaaS Self-Hosted


  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • General Services Administration
  • National Parks Service
  • United States Forest Service


  • Commander, Navy Installation Command
  • US Air Force Special Operations Command
  • US Army TRADOC

Benefits of FedRAMP SaaS on AWS GovCloud


Stay in Compliance

When using Decision Lens on AWS GovCloud you get industry leading automated compliance and reporting


Secure Data

Servers are continuously monitored and regularly updated with the latest security controls


Meets Requirements

AWS offers third-party validation for thousands of global infrastructure requirements


Unrivaled Uptime

GovCloud is highly reliable cloud infrastructure you can always count on


IL4 / IL5 Ready Infrastructure

Decision Lens has implemented IL4/IL5 security controls to meet the sensitive security requirements for hosting DoD CUI


International Traffic in Arms Regulations Certified

Decision Lens and AWS GovCloud security controls ensure data and infrastructure access is limited to US persons

Self-Hosted Options

Private Cloud

For customers who must deploy on their own private infrastructure we can provide the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Support for IL 6 and IL 7, SIPRnet, and JWICS
  • For Top Secret: Support for AWS and Azure Top Secret deployments
  • Cleared technical services for deploying the platform on secure private infrastructure
  • Installations on air-gapped networks
  • Decision Lens does not require public internet access or perform server call-backs in self-hosted deployments


We offer flexible deployments and upgrades for all security / hosting requirements:

  • Single or multi-tenant installations
  • High availability installations which include clustered application layers for redundancy and fail over
  • Flexible software release updates delivered according to your needs: On-site delivery, remote download and install from a secure public site, or customer-directed secure file transfer mechanisms (ie DoD SAFE)

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