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Strategic Portfolio Management Software for Smarter Planning Decisions

Take the guesswork out of enterprise planning, financial, IT and performance-related decisions with our easy-to-use strategic portfolio management software. Decision Lens solutions make planning collaborative, transparent and reflective of the needs of key stakeholders and the overall organization.

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Manage, Maximize, Repeat

View options around your goals, limits or dependencies to discover new opportunities to meet your goals. Our decision-making software also allow you to see your current problems, like resource bottlenecks, and suggest executable steps to take to fix the problem. Ultimately, explore options contextually relative to one another with actionable insights to get you to the best plan possible.


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Connect your data for better decisions
Connect Your Data Project data can quickly become disconnected, scattered, and outdated. With Decision Lens, your data is united and managed in real time.
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Discover Actionable Insights
Discover Actionable Insights Due to massive volumes of data, manually generating portfolio options is limiting. Our algorithms create actionable options based directly on your limits and goals.
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Adapt for the Best Outcome
Adapt for the Best Outcome Do you know how your strategic decisions, options, and tradeoffs fit together and impact goals? With Decision Lens, you gain visibility into the entire portfolio for better planning and resourcing.
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Strategy Navigator

Know your best portfolio options and discover various new scenarios with our insight-driven design. Our advanced algorithms discover and highlight your best possible portfolio level options, enabling nimble disruptor navigation and actionable insights.

Decision making software bottleneck analysis

Bottleneck Analysis

Decision Lens allows you to view a heatmap of when and where resources are allocated. Our smart systems also flag bottlenecks and constraints in real-time before they become a real problem. Our solution also provides recommendations of when to shift projects based on constrained resources.

Data Insights for Decision Making

Data Insight & Management Tools

Gain optimal control of your data by managing it in one simple interface, with accessibility, edit permissions, and revision logs. Manage data with collaborative tools, seamless integrations, and an idea engine, where contributors can suggest or input new projects into the portfolio.

  • Input and manage all data, including project status and timing, and sources of value, risk, cost or categorizations.
  • Leverage planners to manage the plans budgets and project costs, with visual plan scheduling.
  • Track all changes within a plan, giving plan users insight into who is making modifications and when they were made.
Strategic Portfolio Dashboard

Portfolio Roll-up

Whether you need the minute details — or to see the bigger picture — any project view is possible with Decisions Lens. Roll multiple portfolios up into one view for macro to micro perspectives of your resource allocation across the organization.

Decision Making Software Prioritization

Prioritization Toolkit

Know how projects and initiatives are best aligned with your business objectives, as well as against one another. The Prioritization Toolkit offers 3 ways to prioritize projects prior to scheduling them within a plan:

  • Manually: Use the data that you already have from your organization. Data can be manually entered or imported.
  • Quick Rating: If you do not yet have measurements for your projects riskiness or value, use the Quick Rating feature to assign a rating of 1-5 so each project can be evaluated within the Decision Lens Recommendation Engine.
  • AHP Exercise: The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is an in-depth collaborative decision making methodology.

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Discover how with Decision Lens Accelerate resource planning solution, portfolios can be easily brought together and analyzed to inform your most challenging resource planning questions.

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