Preparing for the Future of PPBE - Webinar On-Demand

Watch our webinar on the final PPBE Reform Commission report which been issued and the wide ranging impacts will have ramifications across the Department of Defense. We have compiled a panel of PPBE experts to share insight, expected implications, and their vision for how to begin transforming your organization’s PPBE process. Watch the webinar on-demand now!

  • Colonel Michael Greenberg, US Army (Ret) - Senior Vice President, Decision Lens. Served as a financial leader and CFO during his 20+ years in the US Army.

  • Captain Chris Gilmore, US Navy (Ret) - Senior Vice President, Decision Lens.
    CAPT Gilmore was a member of the Navy team supporting the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review. He also spent four years in Navy’s Programming division in the Pentagon, providing support to five PPBE cycles while leading efforts to integrate improvements to long-term fiscal strategy..

  • Captain Lance DeSpain, US Marine Corps (Ret), Vice President, Decision Lens

  • Jonathan Allen – Executive Vice President, Decision Lens.
    Has 10+ years implementing Decision Lens to modernize PPBE processes across the DoD.

  • Kevin Kawasaki - Specialist Leader Deloitte.
    Serves the Government and Public Service sector for Deloitte, and a retired military officer with over 27 years of operational and analytical leadership experience in Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA), fiscal programming and strategic planning.