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Our customers are the backbone and the inspiration for all the hard work we put in every day. The Decision Lens software is customer focused and driven by their real world needs and feedback. We measure our success by the happiness of our clients, and we could not do that without the successful partnerships we have forged with multiple industry leaders over the years.

State & Local

452nd Air Mobility Wing

673 Air Base Wing (PACAF)

Air Force Special Operations Command

Air Mobility Command

Commander Naval Installations Command

Facility Planning and Budget Allocation

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is responsible for worldwide shore installation support for the United States Navy under the Chief of Naval Operations. CNIC is using Decision Lens to:

  • Prioritize all military construction projects and base of service activities
  • Align investments and budget requests to strategic priorities and capabilities in support of all Navy Installations operations globally
  • Manage portfolio resources totaling $7B

Defense Health Agency

Optimized $30B in Medical Facilities​

Defense Health Agency (DHA) had a low-tech approach to facilities prioritization and lost funding due to inability to defend the project values against requested money​. To combat the unbalanced distribution of funds, they turned to Decision Lens to:

  • Collaborate across the DoD to optimize healthcare needs​
  • Focus on initiatives that deliver the greatest value​
  • Enable data and information to drive healthcare prioritization​


“Decision Lens ensures projects of the highest relative merit are consistently programmed, budgeted, and executed first.” 

​- Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson, USN, MC Surgeon General of the Navy

Using the Decision Lens solution has taken our IT resource allocation process from months of bi-weekly meetings to a matter of days.

- IT Director, US Federal Civilian Agency

Defense Logistics Agency

Resource Prioritization and Allocation

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the Department of Defense’s largest logistics combat support agency. With Decision Lens, DLA can:

  • Facilitate trade-off decisions across supply chains, energy needs, internal business, and finance systems
  • Prioritize resource allocation for Stewardship Excellence and Workforce Development
  • Allocate program funds for its force structure, resource, and assessment directorate

Federal Aviation Administration

Prioritization of over $2 Billion in Funding

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the national aviation authority of the United States. With Decision Lens, the FAA can:

  • Manage the decision-making efforts for the prioritization and allocation of resources across the agency
  • Prioritize $2B in funding
  • Make defensible decisions in a resource constrained environment

Federal Railroad Administration

Decision Lens was selected by the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to assist with prioritizing funding for its IT and R&D portfolios. Established in 1966, the FRA employs a staff of over 800 and is one of 10 agencies within the Department of Transportation concerned with inter-modal transportation. It operates through seven divisions under the offices of the Administrator and Deputy Administrator.

General Services Administration

Prioritization of Building Metrics in Capital Planning

The General Services Administration’s (GSA) is an independently-run agency dedicated to the support and management of basic functions for agencies in the United States government. GSA uses Decision Lens for:

  • Capital planning and the optimization of real property holding leases
  • The comparison of building metrics such as a building’s condition, location, or tenants
  • Directing Congressionally-appropriated yearly funds for building maintenance

Missile Defense Agency

National Institute Of Health, National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute

Research Project Portfolio Prioritization

The National Institutes of Health uses Decision Lens for strategic research project prioritization initiatives in order to:

  • Increase objectivity and transparency across the organization
  • Develop an audit trail which allowed NIH to justify decisions
  • Utilize a more repeatable and collaborative process for prioritizing funding options

National Institute of Health, Allergy and Infectious Diseases

National Park Service

NPS Accelerating Activities To Improve Clean-up Across The Country

National Park Service (NPS) has selected Decision Lens software to support its strategic prioritization of contaminated site cleanup projects across Park lands. Decision Lens software will be used to enhance strategic decision-making and its alignment with investment level decisions.

NPS’ Contaminated Sites Program (CSP), with its strategic advisor, Rebecca Reynolds Consulting (RRC), is developing this decision-making model that will be used to identify the highest value portfolio of site cleanups across its inventory. This model may also serve as a pilot for potential Department-level strategic decision-making across the other five bureaus addressing contaminants issues.

Read the case study here

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Variety of use cases across the DoD

United States Air Force 11th Wing

Workforce Optimization

Decision Lens is providing the 11th Wing with the ability to optimize its workforce at the Squadron level by addressing common concerns like workload distribution, communication and support up and down the chain of command, and an adequate work/life balance for their Airmen.

United States Army TRADOC

Prioritization and Resource Allocation

TRADOC headquarters has licensed the Decision Lens cloud-based and FedRAMP compliant solution to prioritize and resource functional investments. TRADOC prioritizes Mission 1-n functions and Functional Training (FT) 1-n courses annually using the Decision Lens software. The primary prioritization products are the Mission 1-n Prioritization List and the Functional Training (FT) 1-n Prioritization List. Prior to Decision Lens, these products were produced annually using spreadsheets.

Read the case study here

United States Department Of Agriculture

Optimize IT Portfolio Totaling $2.4B

Previously, USDA struggled to achieve alignment between their IT strategy and budget allocation. Now with Decision Lens, USDA can:

  • Achieve consensus on a balanced portfolio mix and investment plan for IT modernization
  • Define a standard, organizational-wide set of decision criteria
  • Analyze top down and bottom up views of priorities at the Agency, Mission, and Departmental levels

Read the case study here

United States Intelligence Community

United States Navy

Arkansas Department Of Transportation

Capital Planning and Project Prioritization for Long Range Intermodal Transportation Plan

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) uses Decision Lens to identify and establish priorities for the state’s Goals and Objectives and Performance Measures. These priorities are part of the framework used to prioritize and optimize LRITP investment levels that will support decision-making and provide external accountability.Arkansas Department of Transportation can:

  • Effectively identify projects based on need and impact on customers
  • Validate project selection decisions for legislation and stakeholders alike
  • Designate the best time to execute a project and at what funding level

City Of Charlotte

City of Lincoln, NE

Delaware Department Of Transportation

The Delaware Department of Transportation uses Decision Lens for capital programming decision across the state of Delaware, including project prioritization and resourcing. DelDOT uses Decision Lens in conjunction with regional planning organizations to optimize DelDOT’s budget spend.

Greater Nashville Regional Council

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Decision Lens was able to cut project prioritization from over 300 hours using Excel, to 40 hours using the Decision Lens software.

~ ​Michael DeAngelo, Deputy CIO State of Washington

Mississippi Department Of Transportation

Nevada Department of Transportation

Ohio Auditor of State

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation

Capital Planning and Asset Management

Pennsylvania DOT uses Decision Lens for all capital planning and asset management decisions across the state of Pennsylvania including interstates, bridges, and IT investment decisions. They were able to:

  • Save 75-80% of the time spent on the process
  • Ensure that limited budgets are directed to the highest value projects
  • Focus on projects that will have the most impact in the shortest time frame

Prince William County Service Authority

State Of Ohio Office Of The Chief Information Officer

The State of Ohio’s Office of the CIO uses Decision Lens to strategically prioritize IT program investments and to allocate resources to IT projects across the state.

State Of Washington Office Of The Chief Information Officer

Optimized $400M IT Portfolio Budget

Washington State OCIO needed to balance the needs of the State Legislature and the other state agencies all while making best use of their $400M budget. With Decision Lens, they can:

  • Optimize resources and align projects with criteria to defend budget requests from the State Legislature
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes to reach a prioritized list of projects
  • Easily collaborate across the agency to collect ratings and priorities

Read the case study here

Texas Department Of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has selected Decision Lens software to enable performance-based investment planning built around agency goals & objectives, priorities, and performance targets. Decision Lens will be further used to satisfy state legislature requirements for objectivity, transparency, and accountability. The license will be used by the state DOT and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that guide transportation planning throughout Texas.

Utah Department Of Transportation

Capital Planning Prioritization

Utah DOT is using Decision Lens to assist in prioritizing projects for maintaining and upgrading more than 6,000 miles of state highways. With Decision Lens, Utah DOT:

  • Established transparency across decision making process
  • Created a foundation of communication between partner and public agencies across the state
  • Developed unique rating scales to weigh specific projects against

Read the case study here

Washington State Department Of Transportation

The Washington State Department of Transportation uses Decision Lens to prioritize, select, and resource the capital investment projects for the DOT across the state.

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